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Archive for the ‘Crafts’ Category

This ‘n’ That

Posted by adamswife on January 21, 2008

It snowed again yesterday- another 3 inches on top of what we already had.  Can you see the little white dots of snow falling? 


I usually read a book in just a couple days. Before Christmas I was finishing a book nearly every day. Since the first of the year I have been doing a lot of knitting. Can’t knit and read at the same time. And the books I’ve been reading haven’t appealed to me very much. (See my 50 Book Challenge page to read more about this.) So I think I need to read a different type of book. Maybe forget the book clubs and pick my own for a while.

Graydon is so proud that I posted his pictures yesterday. I had to print out the post and the comments for him. Now he wants to take more pictures. He has a better imagination for subjects than I do. Maybe he’ll be the family photographer. He might even learn to take pictures that don’t wave back at him from the camera. ;D Anyone know of a good how-to photography book for kids?

I’m as bad about starting new projects before the old ones are finished as I am about reading several books at once. Currently I am knitting a baby afghan to donate and a pair of mittens for my granddaughter. And I just got the yarn and dp needles I ordered so I can knit some socks. I’m anxious to get started on that project, too.  I haven’t done socks before and I love the challenge of learning a new skill. Does this indicate a short attention span? Do I need therapy? Am I splitting myself into too many parts?

What I really need to do is put down the books and the knitting needles and vacuum and then go for a walk in the snow.  Except our high temperature today is supposed to be 11F.  So, I think I’ll walk my “inside track” instead of braving the cold.  Come with me 

Stairway up the stairs, 

Family Room  through the family room, Dining Room  out the dining room door, through the playroom Playroom  and then into the garage.  Then it’s down the garage stairs,Garage steps through the long hall, Long Hall  one final door and we’re back where we started. Last Door   I figured out I only need to complete this circuit 24 times to log approximately 1/2 mile.  Let’s get started.  


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Fabric Postcards

Posted by adamswife on January 12, 2008

Monet PC

My friend, Schnuckiputz, suggested that I post pictures of the fabric postcards that I made recently. Above is a postcard I created as part of an exchange. The theme was Famous Artists. This represents Monet’s “Countryside.”

Christmas PC

This is a picture of one of the fabric Christmas cards I sent out last month.

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Decorated My Tree

Posted by adamswife on December 19, 2007


With  a bit of nagging from my grandson, I finally got out my tree and put it up yesterday.  In fact, I have 3 trees up.  I have a four-footer, one that is about 18-24 inches, and a fiber-optic tree that is 8 inches.  Gs calls that the baby tree.  It is battery-operated and has quit working.  I am being nagged to “plug in the baby tree.”  lol

Today  I’ve been making fiber-art Christmas cards.  That is my final project for this Christmas.  When I put them in the mail tomorrow I will be finished.  I make knitted dish cloths for my hair dresser every year.  I went in to have my nails done yesterday and forgot to take them to her.  So, I had to go back today.  I’ve spoiled her – now she can’t wash dishes without one of my knitted cloths.  The last ones I gave her have holes in them so she was a bit desperate.  Told me I had to bring them in today, can’t wait for my next appointment.

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Christmas Shopping

Posted by adamswife on December 7, 2007


CatLights I finished my Christmas shopping today. Now I just have to complete my fabric postcards for the exchange, make Ed’s clock with the grandkids’ pictures in place of numbers, and get a few Christmas cards in the mail. No problem! Then, of course, there’s decorating the tree and wrapping the packages. That ought to keep me out of trouble for a day or two. D

Today is Laura and Harold’s 11th anniversary. They have gone to Red Lobster for dinner and then a talent show at the college. Guess who gets to babysit? My mantra is “I love my grandchildren, I love my grandchildren, I love my grandchildren.” They are just the tiniest bit hyper this evening.

It’s just past 7:30 and I’m ready to send them all to bed. I think the resistance would be more than I’m up to, however. Whenever I babysit I am impressed again with the wisdom of our Father that He arranged for parents to be young! I think it’s wonderful for women who are beginning their families at 40, but I also wonder if they really know what they’re in for in another 10 or 15 years.ROFL

It’s been a long day and I’m ready for a nap and some Christmas movies. Do I dare doze while the children are still up? Or will they kill each other while I’m sleeping? Best stay awake.

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November 2

Posted by adamswife on November 2, 2007

NBPMo Today I’m going to tell you about a new interest – Fabric Postcards.  I came across this fabulous artform through no fault of my own and was immediately intrigued by the concept.  I have yet to make my first postcard, but I’m laying the groundwork – the conception and development of an idea.  This card is to be on the theme of Famous Art or Artists.  I’ve picked out the art I want to recreate, just deciding on the best way to execute the design.  When I get it done, I will scan it into my ‘puter and post it here.

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