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13 Ways to Eat a Potato

Posted by adamswife on March 5, 2008

Edition 8


1. Shred it, squeeze out water, fry in some bacon grease, and serve with bacon and eggs

2. Boil and mash it with milk, butter, salt, and pepper

3. Boil it with corned beef, cabbage, carrots and onions

4. Bake and eat with lots of butter, salt, and pepper

5. Cut into strips and deep-fat fry

6. Roast with beef chuck, carrots, onions

7. Shred it, mix with cream of chicken soup, sour cream, onion, and cheese and salt and pepper. Bake until tender and gooey

8. Add instant mashed potato to bread dough to make your bread soft and tender

9. Slice thinly, fry over medium heat in oil or bacon grease with onion until crispy, turn and brown on other side

10. Slice thinly; add to pan with crumbled, browned sausage, cook over medium heat with sliced onion, stirring occasionally and adding water a little at a time to keep potatoes from sticking/burning until potatoes are tender and ‘gravy’ has developed

11. Dice, wrap in foil with diced carrots and onions and hamburger or chicken chunks; cook over coals in campfire or charcoal until done

12. Cut into wedges, mix with small amount of oil and garlic or ranch dressing mix; bake at high temperature for 10-15 minutes until potatoes are tender and crispy

13. Boil in jackets until tender; peel and cut into chunks; mix with boiled, diced eggs, diced onion, diced celery, garlic, salt, pepper, and mayonnaise for potato salad


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32 Responses to “13 Ways to Eat a Potato”

  1. Lazy Daisy said

    I posted on favorite brown things….one of them potatoes. There is no way to hurt a potato.

  2. Zazzy said

    You forgot my favorite way. Bake it and cut about a third of the top of the potato off to make a “boat.” Scoop out the potato, smush and mix in sour cream, crumbled bacon, cheese and a little pepper. Stuff back into the potato skins, bake until hot, top with freshly steamed broccoli and cheese sauce.

    Go to cholesterol heaven…

    Hugs Ms. Idaho.

    **Oh, yeah, those are good, too. Potatoes and cheese both at the same time – “Heaven, I’m in heaven”

  3. 2, 4, and 6 are my favorites. Great idea for a T13! Mine is posted, too.

    **They are all my favorites. I love potatoes, and I know a bunch more ways to eat them. 😉

  4. Nicholas said

    Now I feel really hungry. #1 sounds especially delish!

  5. I’m really hungry now. 😀

  6. marnini said

    Cut into cubes, add olive oil, montreal steak seasoning, parmesan cheese, wrap in foil, bake or grill until soft.
    very yummy.
    Thanks, Maribeth

    **That sounds very good, too.

  7. smarty said

    you just made me hungry!! i better go out and look for a potato salad or french fries!! yum yum!!

  8. Maggie said

    Oh, yummy! I have bag of them and now a whole bunch of new ideas, so, thanks!

  9. Christine said

    Ahhh! The potato…versatile yet humble.

  10. Given where you live, this seems to be a perfect post for you. LOL #4 is my absolute favorite way to eat a potato … though these days I eat more baked sweet potatoes than any other kind.
    Hugs and blessings,

    **Given where I live, I have eaten potatoes in so many ways and loved them all. It’s only fair to share.🙂

  11. You hooked me at potato…I love them. Excellent list.
    Pop into the Cafe for mine if you’re interested.

    **I did, and I’m glad. I like #6 best.

  12. Lori said

    Okay, I am seriously hungry now. I need to go make lunch.

    This reminded me of a fellow National Novel Writing Month participant who was challenged to write a chapter(I believe) revolving around a potatoe and make it fit his story. Which he did, rather well.

    Thanks for stopping by!

    I would love to read that.

  13. If only I could convince my oldest to eat potatoes… Happy TT.

  14. We don’t eat many potatoes here. We try to stick with less carbs, but some great ways to fix them when we splurge! Thanks for a great list!

    **Don’t you know potatoes are very good for you? Vitamin C, potassium, fiber (especially if you eat the skins), and now they’ve decided that potatoes have a very special type of starch that helps to lower fat.

  15. Oh great now I have to go buy potatoes. Sometimes I slice them without peeling and fry them. A lot of them. I’m kind of a home fries freak. But I will have to try some of these especially 10 and 11.

    And always; thanks for stopping by my blog and visiting my T13!

    **I’m a home-fries fan, too. Number 10 is variously known as “bachelor spuds,” “sheep-herder spuds,” or “dirty-water taters.” It’s always been one of my favs. I like that it makes its own ‘gravy.’

  16. Phyllis said

    Potatoes are one of my all-time favorite foods! Ever try them raw with just a lil sprinkle of salt? Kinda like eating an apple…only yummier…lol.

    Congrats on being a TT featured blog. 🙂

    **I have lived in Idaho for 50 of my 58 years. Of course I’ve eaten raw potatoes! 🙂 I didn’t know I was a TT featured blog. Thanks for telling me.

  17. Melanie said

    I love potatoes and am always looking for new ways to make them! Yummy ideas!!

    **Have fun trying them out.

  18. zenmomma said

    Oh yeah potatoes! Love ’em. Topped with bacon and you’ve got the perfect food.

  19. savvyprchick said

    Mmmmmmmm…. I love potatoes! Great list and Happy TT!

  20. Melody said

    #7 sure got my attention. I need to try that SOON!

  21. mmm the gooey baked one just made me soooo hungry, great list! and thanks for stopping by eh? 🙂

  22. I pretty much like potatoes anyway they are fixed. Yummy. Have a great TT. 🙂

  23. Chris said

    As far as I’m concerned there is no *wrong* way to eat a potato! Happy TT!

  24. Dawn said

    potatoes, bacon, butter, cheese. There is no bad here.

  25. tasha said

    I’m always looking for new things to do with potatoes as we eat them often in my home. Did you know you could wrap those babies in foil and “bake” them in the crockpot???

  26. Serve it anyway you like, and I’ll still eat it 🙂 I love potatoes!

  27. Jientje said

    At seven thirty in the morning you’ve managed to make me drool all over the keyboard! That is indeed a great idea for a TT, and there are a couple of very interesting ideas in that list!
    I’m a potato lover myself!

  28. Roger said

    You potato pimp Eve lol! 😀 Have a great weekend!!

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  30. Smiler said

    Yum, each of these gives me a hankering for potatoes. I have a recipe that’s almost on your list, but not quite.

    You take #1 add thinly shredded onion (optional) a raw egg and a bit of flower, salt & pepper, mix it up, form into thin, oval “pancakes” fry in oil (I like olive oil best) serve with sour cream & apple sauce for authentic Jewish “Latkes”.

    Oooh. That just made me want them bad!

    **That sounds very good. I’ll have to give that a try.

    • Ludie said

      I make those, but never thought of trying it with applesauce…just usuallyt he sour cream and good tea…I’ll have to try out the applesauce…

  31. Schnuckiputz said

    Hello Eve,I love Kartoffelklösse (German potato dumplings)
    Some regions in Germany have different recipes and names
    for their potato dumplings.In Southern Germany they call
    them Knödel.Please scroll down here to see a picture of German potato dumplings.
    My favorite ones are Thüringer Kartoffelklösse,they are made out of 1/2 cooked and 1/2 raw potatoes.

    **Oh, Schnucki, those sound really, really good. I’ve never had potato dumplings, but I’ve gotta try these. And you get a surprise in the middle of each one.

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