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When you try to dig with a dull shovel it bounces off the ground instead of cutting into the soil. If your diabetic tools are dull, they’re bouncing, too.

Connie and CarlaThese two lovely ladies are my sister and me 40 years ago. I post this for inspiration. Sis and I were talking this morning and I admitted to her that I have been stopped lately by fear. Rather than take a chance on doing too much and becoming too tired/ill to do anything for several days I do nothing. Unfortunately this stretches to include taking care of myself. There are days when I literally eat nothing but toast and cheese for the entire day. I know this won’t upset my stomach, and it’s easy to fix. I avoid exercise because I fear the pain that can result if I do too much, even though I have a desire to get out and enjoy the beautiful fall weather. I’m not talking about sore muscles here. When I exert myself physically I can end up with a tummy ache that stretches from my diaphragm all the way through my colon.

And forget about housework. I try not to do anything that will make a mess so I don’t have to clean up. I need to go through a lot of stuff and do some organizing and a lot of tossing, but I avoid starting a project for fear that I will not be able to finish that project. Again, the physical exertion can lead to a lot of pain and many down days to recuperate.

Sis has challenged me and I challenged her back to improve on this situation – to conquer the fear. To begin we have pledged to make a to-do list with hierarchical rankings. There are a few things that have to be done every day. We will begin with those. Then when we are accomplishing these few things every day with some degree of confidence we will begin to add in the next level of activity – the things that really need to be done, but we can survive if we leave them out. As we become more comfortable at each level, we add in one more thing, always maintaining the hierarchy.

Moving from the general to the specific – my highest priorities are daily scripture study, daily prayer and meditation, daily exercise. I think I will stop at that level for a few days. Later I will add other tasks.We have chosen this forum to keep track of our progress and invite others to join us in sharpening your tools. That is what we consider this challenge – a chance to keep our tools sharp so as to make a clean cut.

This ticker says it’s for scrap booking. However, I am using it to keep track of the number of pages of scripture I read each day.

13 Responses to “Tools”

  1. adamswife said

    I have determined that there is a fourth tool essential to getting a good start on each day: uniform. I’ve gotta stop sitting around in my jammies all day. They are more comfortable than ‘real’ clothes, but also make it easier to sit and do nothing.

  2. adamswife said

    I’ve done well today. I accomplished all four of my highest priorities. And I managed to have toast and cheese for only one meal. ;D That’s a bonus!

  3. adamswife said

    Not having a good day – really, really tired. It’s 1:40 and I’m still in my jammies. That’s appropriate though, ’cause I’m ready for a nap! Supposed to go to the church for another turkey dinner tonight. Don’t think I’m gonna make it.

  4. Zazzy said

    You know, it’s totally true about getting dressed. Even if I just put on “around the house” clothes I feel more alive and capable than if I’m still in my jammies at dinner time.

    Hugs and good for you!

  5. adamswife said

    I think I need a new file. I’m feeling a bit dull these days.

  6. adamswife said

    I am feeling much sharper today. I took time to read, meditate, and pray. Then I got out my “Yoga for Seniors” tape and started the day off with some exercise. After that I showered, did my hair, and got dressed. And then I visited Ed and went to Albertsons’ to get a few things I’m running out of. Now I’m going to take it easy the rest of the day so that I will have plenty of energy to go to church tomorrow. Part of accomplishing all the important things in life is to plan ahead so that you are ready when the time comes. Thus, if I don’t overdo on Saturday, I have a good start on my Sunday.

  7. adamswife said

    The holiday has slowed down my progress. I sometimes wonder how I ever managed to be married for over 29 years when I’m having so much trouble committing to a simple routine that makes my days go better. I’ve been exhausted all day, and can’t seem to think clearly tonight. I will explore this concept more later.

  8. adamswife said

    I’ve been avoiding this page, as I have not been using my tools. Certain tools become sharper with use – no file or grinder needed unless neglected or left out in the weather. I am making some progress in overcoming the depression – progress, not cure. And I am feeling better physically. Yesterday I even vacuumed! But I still need to get out the file and sharpen up those neglected tools. At least today I want to get sharp – I’m past the point of not caring.

  9. adamswife said

    Better and better each day. Today I got in my morning worship and exercise and now I’m ready to do something productive. I might even finish vacuuming. ;-D

  10. adamswife said

    In harmony with sharpening my tools, I have set a couple goals for the new year.
    1. Produce something each month to give away next Christmas.
    2. Complete my 50-Book Challenge. Not just read the books, but write a bit about each one, perhaps gain inspiration, strength, or encouragement.

  11. adamswife said

    My basic tools – the spiritual and physical exercise each day – have not shown a great lot of improvement. And yet I absolutely KNOW that these, especially the spiritual strengthening, are the keys to success in every other aspect of my life. When I accomplish these things every day I eat better, I have fewer problems with depression, and I am more apt to take care of my home.

    I think there are two things that stop me from making the progress I could make. 1. Humility. It is very hard to play the role of supplicant in any situation. To humble myself before the Lord each day, to ask for His help and guidance, and then to listen for the answer is one of the most difficult things I do. It is also the most rewarding. 2. Fear of failure. If I do all that I know to do, exert my best effort, and still things are not as I want them to be where do I turn next? This isn’t really a rational fear, but aren’t the irrational things the ones that scare us most?

  12. adamswife said

    Still struggling to get those tools sharpened and use them effectively each day. I have made a bit of progress physically and a lot of progress emotionally – the depression has ceased to be a major issue. Now I just need to get the spiritual going to become a truly balanced being. Balance is so important in tools and in life.

  13. adamswife said

    It’s been up and down lately. Still having physical problems that seem to interfere with my spiritual goals. Just when I need comfort and strength I have the hardest time asking for and receiving it. If my daughter turned away from me the way I turn from my eternal Father I would be heartbroken. Can I break God’s heart? Yes, I’m sure I can. He is, after all, a loving Father who wants to give us all His best gifts. If I turn from Him in my time of need I’m sure His heart breaks for me.

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