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I have joined a 50-book challenge at Shelfari. (See Blogroll.) I will be posting a list of all the books I read this year on this page. Feel free to comment on my list and on any books I read. I’d love to hear your thoughts. I’ve never kept track of my reading before. I just read and read and read and frequently pick up the same book two, three, or even four times not remembering that I’ve already read it. So, I begin my official 50-book reading January 1. Wish me luck.

Books Read

1. On A Pale Horse by Piers Anthony

2. Happiness Sold Separately by Lolly Winston

3. Venus Envy by Shannon McKelden

4. Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain

5. French Fried by Nancy Fairbanks

6. Seduction in Death by J.D. Robb

7. Purity in Death by J.D. Robb

8. Self-Defense by Johathan Kellerman

9. Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

10. Reunion in Death by J.D. Robb

11. Portrait in Death by J.D. Robb

12. Two of a Kind by Nora Roberts

13. The Good Husband of Zebra Drive by Alexander McCall Smith

14. Divided in Death by J.D. Robb

15. Survivor in Death by J.D. Robb

16. Visions in Death by J.D. Robb

17. Dolly: My Life and Other Unfinished Business by Dolly Parton

18. The Clinic by Jonathan Kellerman

19. Single White Vampire by Linsay Sands

20. A Date with the Other Side by Erin McCarthy

21. Bit the Jackpot by Erin McCarthy

22. Vengeance in Death by J.D. Robb

23. Twisted by Jonathan Kellerman

24. The Web by Jonathan Kellerman

25. Loyalty in Death by J D Robb

26. Marley and Me by John Grogan

27. Monster by Jonathan Kellerman

28 & 29. Out of the Night and Seduced by the Night by Robin T. Popp


19 Responses to “Books”

  1. adamswife said

    I am about half-way through The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn for our family book ‘club’. I started a new book (On a Pale Horse) last night to read in bed (Huck is too big and heavy to take to bed). And I picked up Happiness Sold Separately at the library today for Reader’s Anonymous. I hope to finish Huck before I start Happiness, but I’m getting anxious. Huckleberry Finn isn’t one of those books that you can read in one day. At least I can’t.

  2. Zazzy said

    Incarnations of Immortality? That was my favorite book in the series. It’s a good story but it also has some interesting ideas to think about.

  3. adamswife said

    I haven’t got very far into it yet. I keep falling asleep. lol

  4. adamswife said

    I finally finished a book. Do I hear a “Hooray”? or a “Way to go”? It is Piers Anthony’s On A Pale Horse, a fantasy tale about the man who becomes Death, his interactions with his clients, with other “Incarnations,” and with Satan. If you really enjoy fantasy, you will likely enjoy this story. I didn’t enjoy it enough to want to read the rest of the “Incarnations of Immortality” series. Like Zazzy says it is thought-provoking and even contains a bit of profundity. However, anything that takes that long for me to read can’t be all that good. Just my opinion.

  5. adamswife said

    I finished reading Happiness Sold Separately today. Didn’t particularly like it. All through the story I kept waiting for Elinor to put on her big girl panties and get on with her life. We all face tragedy of one kind or another. What you do is deal with it and move on – not wallow in it and withdraw to the laundry room. Doesn’t she realize her husband is going through everything she is with even less control? Gina is one of those unfortunate women who thinks she has to have a man to complete her life and make her happy. She needs to look to herself for happiness and stop relying on losers – and stop going after men who she knows will hurt her in the end. If you’re gonna make passes at a married man, you have no right to be hurt when he leaves you for his WIFE!! As for Toby – I’ve known a lot of Toby’s in my life, both male and female. No one wants them, no one loves them, and they can’t get what they need by being nice, so they act out. Where do you suppose he learned that kind of coping behavior?? Maybe from his mom, the slut, and his dad who sent him away when he got a new family? Ya think?

  6. adamswife said

    Being unable to sleep, I have finished another book. Venus Envy is the story of Rachel Greer, a new-accounts officer at the bank, who has cut herself off from men for two years because she has been more than “unlucky in love.” The goddess, Venus, has been banished by Zeus to dwell among mortals and act as “fairy godmother” to help couples find each other and true love. Rachel is Venus’ next client and determined not to take advantage of her services as matchmaker. Their story is sometimes funny, sometimes romantic, and sometimes tedious. Of course, there is a happy ending, because this is, after all, a fairy tale.

  7. adamswife said

    Huckleberry Finn – I was beginning to think I would never finish this book! It is a nice story about a young man’s adventures. I’m sure the story would be more appreciated by a 12-year-old boy than an old grandma like me. It is an American classic so I’m glad I finally read it. However, it didn’t hold my attention really well.

  8. adamswife said

    French Fried is a nice bit of escape fiction. It contains a happy mystery and some good recipes. The main character, Carolyn, is a food writer for her home town paper. She is travelling in the south of France with her husband, a chemistry professor attending a conference and presenting a paper. While in France someone tries repeatedly to kill them. The killer is rather incompetent.

  9. adamswife said

    Seduction in Death is one in a series of “In Death” tales. The series tells the story of Lieutenant Eve Dallas of the NYPD and her husband, Roarke, a handsome, intelligent, scary gazillionaire. This series is set 50 years in the future. In this book Eve and Roarke track a pair of spoiled rich boys who are killing women as part of a seduction and rape game they have devised for themselves. They have set up rules that award points for certain acts and danger of being caught. In the end they both lose.

  10. adamswife said

    Purity in Death is another in J.D. Robb’s “In Death” series. A group of concerned citizens who think the law has failed to capture and punish certain offenders decide to “purify” New York. Their method of purification is a computer virus that causes brain damage and death in users of infected computers. The problem is they didn’t anticipate collateral damage among the innocent. Eve and Roarke team up to get rid of the virus and capture its producers.

  11. adamswife said

    In Self-Defense Dr Alex Delaware has taken on a private patient as a favor to his detective friend, Milo Sturgis. After serving as a juror at the trial of a brutal murderer Lucy begins to have the same dream over and over. As Dr Delaware tries to help her deal with the dream he becomes convinced it is a repressed memory of murder. With Milo’s help Alex investigates the events of Lucy’s life to help her solve the mystery of her dream.

  12. adamswife said

    Reunion in Death and Portrait in Death are the next two in the series by J.D. Robb. In Reunion Eve is reunited with an old adversary. The investigation takes Eve and Roarke back to Dallas where Eve was found wandering the streets as a child. Her arm was broken and she was nearly starved to death. Eve deals with old demons and new murder.

    Portrait reveals information about a family Roarke never knew he had. While he’s dealing with this twist Eve is investigating a series of murders of bright, young students.

    I enjoy this series. It is quick and easy to read while giving a mystery lover something to think about. It is also interesting to see the relationship between Eve and Roarke unfold and grow as they learn about family and love – two things neither of them had as children. A perfect escape when I don’t feel well enough to follow a deeper, darker mystery.

  13. adamswife said

    The Good Husband is a story of the lives of Mr. J.L.B. Matekoni, a mechanic and proprietor of Tlokweng Road Speedy Motors, and his wife Mma Ramotswe, owner of the No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency located in the same building. This gives a nice view of every day life in Botswana. At first I didn’t think I would be interested to read any of the other books in the series, but I have changed my mind.

  14. adamswife said

    I already told you I enjoy the “In Death” series by J.D. Robb. I’ve read three more of them. Still like them. I intend to read the rest of the series, too. 😉

    I hadn’t really intended to read a biography of Dolly Parton, but I was looking for a different book and it just jumped out at me. It was interesting and entertaining. I’m not an avid fan, but I do enjoy her music. I recommend this book as a bit of escape from the real world. You won’t learn anything shocking about Dolly or her associates, but she will make you laugh.

    The Clinic is another Alex Delaware novel. Jonathan Kellerman never fails to deliver a good story with some gritty truths about the darker side of society. In this one Alex helps his good friend Sturgis investigate the murder of a college professor of psychology. Of course the investigation leads them into unsuspected territory. The good professor had secrets both historical and current that combined to bring her to her death. Perhaps you’ll agree that she got what she deserved.

  15. adamswife said

    Single White Vampire by Linsay Sands completely redefines “vampire.” Lucern (Luc) Argeneau just wants to be left alone to write his books of history. Reviewers and fans comment frequently that his books make them feel as though he had lived through the events. Well, he had. When he writes about his family history the books are published as “romantic fiction” because everyone knows there is no such thing as a vampire. But Luc’s life is about to take a radical turn – his editor, Kate C. Leever, has come to visit him in person since he refuses to answer her letters or provide her with a phone number. And she won’t leave until he promises to do some personal appearances.

    Erin McCarthy is a new author for me. Her books were OK, but nothing exciting. I probably won’t be looking for any more of them. She writes about ghosts in A Date with the Other Side, and vampires in Bit the Jackpot. There are other writers who do paranormal romance better than she and whose work I enjoy more.

    Jonathan Kellerman’s The Web is my least-favorite of his books that I have read. Maybe it’s because I’ve had this ‘flu for so long and I’m becoming warped, but I just didn’t find this story as compelling as most of his writing. The premise seemed a bit contrived.

    Twisted is not one of Kellerman’s Alex Delaware novels. It follows homicide detective Petra Connor as she investigates 6 “cold” cases whose only link seems to be the day the murders were committed: June 28.

  16. adamswife said

    Loyalty in Death is not the next book in the series. It’s an earlier tale that I missed before. A group calling themselves “Cassandra” wants to take over the world. They are bombing New York City sites as part of a blackmail scheme to do just that. Unfortunately for Cassandra they have targeted buildings owned by Roarke. Of course together Roarke and Eve bring down the bad guys.

    This week I finished reading John Grogan’s Marley and Me. Marley is a nearly 100-pound golden retriever who just isn’t quite all there. He’s funny, and loving, and loyal, and brave, but just a bit psychotic. However, he has found a home with John and his wife Jenny where he lives out his 13 years tearing up mattresses and couches, and digging holes through solid wood and plasterboard. And yet, in the end, his master judges him to be a “great dog.” The book made me laugh, and it made me cry. I highly recommend it to anyone who has ever had a dog and also to those who have not.

    Marley reminded me a bit of our dog, Cassie. She was a golden/poodle cross. She did not have the same behavior problems that Marley had, but she was sweet and loving like him. (Except she didn’t like men very much.) And, like Marley, Cassie lost her hearing and didn’t see so well as she got older.

    As I read I thought how nice it would be to have a little dog to keep me company now that Ed’s in ‘the home.’ I had to keep reminding myself that we do have a family dog – a cute little miniature dachshund – that I cannot love or pet unless I run immediately and wash my hands thoroughly. I’m allergic to dogs. 😦

  17. adamswife said

    Monster by Jonathan Kellerman is the story of a retarded teen-ager who apparently goes on a killing spree, earning himself the sobriquet “Monster.” He is locked up at Starkweather, a facility for the criminally insane where he remains undisturbed for several years. And then a series of murders seem to be connected to him – but how? How can a very low-functioning, incarcerated individual be involved in murder? Does he have an accomplice? If so, who? And how do they communicate? And yet the murders keep coming and the clues keep pointing back to the Monster. Then one night he escapes.

    Out of the Night and Seduced by the Night are the first two books in Robin T. Popp’s “Night Slayer” series. Something has attacked and killed a government researcher and a security agent in the Amazon jungle. Mac Knight, a former Navy Seal, is assigned to fly the researcher’s daughter, Lanie Weber, to the base where they were working. When Mac and Lanie arrive at the base they find the bodies of 9 men – none of them Lanie’s father or the man who was killed with him. The “Night Slayer” series deals with vampires, halflings, and the “keepers of the sword.” If you enjoy a bit of the supernatural along with your romantic mysteries you will enjoy this series.

  18. This is a great idea! I wish I could go back and remember all the titles I’ve read. Maybe I’ll try.

  19. Beverley said

    Marley and Me is coming out at a movie soon. I saw the preview yesterday.

    Compulsion is Kellerman’s latest Alex Delaware novel, and it’s well done. I read it in 2 days.

    Do any of you trade books, or is interested in a paperback book exchange? You would send 1 book and get 36. If you are interested, let me know.
    Bev from Readeers Anonymous

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