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“Morning people should be forced to milk cows.” -J Kellerman in Monster

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Happy Fourth of July!

Posted by adamswife on June 17, 2008


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Final Post at This Site

Posted by adamswife on May 27, 2008

I have moved my blog. Please come and visit me here.  I’m still the same old me – just a new location.  I won’t be adding any new posts to this site.

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Looking at the Snake

Posted by adamswife on April 29, 2008

Wordless Tuesday #2

I promised to post more pictures from my recent trip to the Twin Falls area.  I’ve put them up on my new blog site.  Please come visit me there.

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Not on Vacation

Posted by adamswife on April 28, 2008

Hello, blogging buddies. I’ve been a bit quiet lately – even missed Weekly Winners yesterday. I haven’t left town nor have I found something more interesting to do. I’m working on opening a second blog away from You can see it here.  There isn’t a lot to see yet.  I’m struggling with themes.  The one I picked out and Zazzy helped me install (or, more properly, she installed it for me) isn’t widgetized.  So, I’m trying to find one that I like that will accept widgets and get it installed.  I’ve had to send out an SOS to Zazzy again – I can’t seem to get the installation done.  I’ll be stopping by to visit my friends later today, and I’ll try to post something more interesting, too. 😀

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To Shave or Not to Shave? (The Legs)

Posted by adamswife on April 26, 2008

I was intrigued by a comment over at about shaving your legs.

Consider the following statements – all of which I have personally heard on numerous occasions.

“I couldn’t sleep with him, I hadn’t shaved my legs!”

“She’s one of those women, she doesn’t shave her pits or legs.”

“Oh, I’m glad I’m not dating anyone, I don’t have to shave above my knees.”

Shaving is a choice but there are personal and social repercussions to choosing not to follow the cultural norm. I think over time it has simply become something most of us don’t question. It’s just a part of grooming, right? Yet women in many cultures don’t shave their legs. Men don’t typically shave their legs so there’s probably not a real health benefit to it. So exactly why do many of us do it?

Being the naturally inquisitive person I am, and enjoying a good “discussion,” I decided to see if I could find where this practice began.  Of course, the first source of internet information is Wikipedia which had this to say

The reasons for this cultural standard are debated, but it is sometimes seen as an example of a cultural mechanism for increasing sexual dimorphism. Others have suggested that it was promoted as a means of selling razors to a broader segment of the populace.

Research also suggests that women who do not shave their body hair are “characterized by higher global self-esteem.” [1][unreliable source?] Scholars suggest that this is because women with lower levels of self-esteem are less likely to be satisfied with their natural bodies, and thus more likely to alter them. [2][unreliable source?]

So, what do you think?  Is shaving your legs a sign that you lack self-esteem?  Or is it a way to differentiate between the sexes?   Or just an advertising ploy to sell more razors?

Snopes has some interesting discussion here.

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Photo Hunt: Signs

Posted by adamswife on April 26, 2008

Photo Hunt 9: Signs

These are signs that caught my eye on my recent excursion to Twin Falls/Buhl/Jerome. These signs mark places that I hope to show you over the next few weeks or months.

More Photo Hunters

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I’m Puzzled

Posted by adamswife on April 25, 2008

In the last three days I have been getting over 200 hits a day – mostly people who have searched the web for “The Scream.”  Anybody have an idea as to why so many people are searching for The Scream right now?

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Looking Through and a Haiku

Posted by adamswife on April 25, 2008

Edition 11

Looking Through #2


Through the Bridge


Under the Perrine Bridge



For Strength



of the Snake




Bridge connects

North – South

More Haiku Friday More Looking Through

Perrine Bridge (not my photo)

As you look at this photo, I was standing under the bridge on the left side when I took my “Looking Through” picture.

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Read Any Good Books Lately?

Posted by adamswife on April 24, 2008

Reader’s Anonymous

has been having a membership drive during the month of April.  It’s not too late to stop by and see what we’re up to.  If you join, leave a post, and say I sent you I could win a prize.  😉  So, be sure to do all of that.  I like prizes.  lol

Seriously, we read a different book each month and then discuss it in the forum.  We also share opinions and reviews of other books that are not part of the monthly reading.  Each member is encouraged to suggest his/her favorite books for future reading.  We choose from a selection of three books each month.  If you enjoy reading this is the place for you!

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13 Pictures Taken in or near Buhl, Idaho

Posted by adamswife on April 24, 2008

Edition 13

Last weekend I went to Buhl, Idaho to visit my sister and to see one of my doctors. While I was there, I took a lot of pictures. Today you get to see 13 of the pictures I took in or near Buhl.


Buhl, Idaho – The “Trout Capital of America”


This mural is a work-in-progress being installed on one of the historic buildings in “downtown” Buhl (population approximately 4,000).

3 & 4.

My sister’s cat, Spanky, having a bit of a nap on the back of the chair.

5, 6, & 7.

These shots are of a golf course in the Snake River Canyon just outside Buhl.


If you turn and face the other way, this is the view you get of the canyon wall.


There is some new growth, showing green, among the old.


This sign points the way to the golf course and to a trout farm further down the canyon. Next time I make the trip I’m planning to visit the trout farm. I’ll bring back some pictures to share.


This is the Clear Lakes grade which climbs out of the canyon and deposits the traveler in Jerome County.

12 & 13.

Jerome County wheat fields. The “posts” in the middle of the field are the “solid sets” that support the shotgun sprinkler heads. To see one of these big gun sprinklers in action, go here.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little tour of Buhl and it’s environs. I have lots more pictures taken in the Twin Falls area to share with you over the next week or so.

Check out other Thursday Thirteeners here.  This is the first week of “themed” posting.  I, for one, totally spaced off the whole theme thing, but I’m sure there are others who did not.  This week’s theme “thirteen places you’ve visited that you’d recommend.”  I’ve given you just one. 😀

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