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Archive for the ‘FunStuff’ Category

To Shave or Not to Shave? (The Legs)

Posted by adamswife on April 26, 2008

I was intrigued by a comment over at about shaving your legs.

Consider the following statements – all of which I have personally heard on numerous occasions.

“I couldn’t sleep with him, I hadn’t shaved my legs!”

“She’s one of those women, she doesn’t shave her pits or legs.”

“Oh, I’m glad I’m not dating anyone, I don’t have to shave above my knees.”

Shaving is a choice but there are personal and social repercussions to choosing not to follow the cultural norm. I think over time it has simply become something most of us don’t question. It’s just a part of grooming, right? Yet women in many cultures don’t shave their legs. Men don’t typically shave their legs so there’s probably not a real health benefit to it. So exactly why do many of us do it?

Being the naturally inquisitive person I am, and enjoying a good “discussion,” I decided to see if I could find where this practice began.  Of course, the first source of internet information is Wikipedia which had this to say

The reasons for this cultural standard are debated, but it is sometimes seen as an example of a cultural mechanism for increasing sexual dimorphism. Others have suggested that it was promoted as a means of selling razors to a broader segment of the populace.

Research also suggests that women who do not shave their body hair are “characterized by higher global self-esteem.” [1][unreliable source?] Scholars suggest that this is because women with lower levels of self-esteem are less likely to be satisfied with their natural bodies, and thus more likely to alter them. [2][unreliable source?]

So, what do you think?  Is shaving your legs a sign that you lack self-esteem?  Or is it a way to differentiate between the sexes?   Or just an advertising ploy to sell more razors?

Snopes has some interesting discussion here.


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Thought for the Day

Posted by adamswife on April 22, 2008

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass,
it’s about learning to dance in the rain!


I don’t remember where or when I came across this thought. I liked it well enough to save it for future posting. And today, apparently, the future has arrived.

I’ll be seeing my gastroenterologist this morning, having lunch with some high school friends, and then heading home. I wasn’t able to take care of everything that I had planned to do on this trip. I have to come back again in May. I did get some pictures yesterday that I’m anxious to share with you. I’ll be posting some of them during the next few days.

Have a great day! And – go on – dance in the rain!

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The Scream

Posted by adamswife on April 15, 2008

I know why the screamer screamed –

– It’s snowing again!  EEEEEEEEEKK!

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Only the Font Is Blue

Posted by adamswife on April 4, 2008

The Blog-O-Cuss Meter - Do you cuss a lot in your blog or website? My mother would be so proud! She tried very hard to teach me not to use bad words. I have heard, and I have to agree, that cussing shows a total lack of imagination. I once worked for a man who did not use ‘bad’ language. I heard him on the phone once, telling someone off most thoroughly. There was no doubt that he was unhappy, and justifiably so. The man on the other end had to know that he had really messed up. Yet not one ‘naughty’ word was uttered. It was a beautiful thing to hear. lol

Created by OnePlusYou

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A Memoir

Posted by adamswife on March 28, 2008

Zazzy has invited all who visit her blog to post a “six-word memoir.” I have been struggling to find the right six words. I have found 4 words and 8 words, even 5 words, but 6 words just seems to escape me. Perhaps these will do.

Daughter, mother, wife, lover, sister, friend

These six pretty well tell the story of my life – that’s what a memoir is supposed to do, is it not?

Like Zazzy, I invite all who would like to participate in the meme to do so. And leave me a note so my readers and I can come and visit you.


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A Bunny Joke

Posted by adamswife on March 24, 2008

A lady opened her refrigerator and saw a rabbit sitting on one of the shelves.

“What are you doing in there?” she asked.


The rabbit replied: “This is a Westinghouse, isn’t it?”

To which the lady answered, “Yes.”

“Well,” the rabbit said, “I’m westing.”

Sorry … I couldn’t help myself.

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Unique Name?

Posted by adamswife on March 22, 2008
Logo There are


people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

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More Signs of Spring

Posted by adamswife on March 22, 2008


Along the Snake River, Again






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Drop Out!

Posted by adamswife on March 21, 2008

I warned you!
Because I’m still getting over the ‘flu and I already missed a day.

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It’s the ‘Flu, Charlie Brown

Posted by adamswife on March 20, 2008

I found some fun Easter graphics online yesterday.  So – I’m going to inflict them on you for the rest of the week.  They’re just too cute not to share.  I am feeling a bit better today – maybe I even want to live. 😀


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