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Walk in the Park #3

Posted by adamswife on March 5, 2008

These pictures are taken 1/2 mile south of my usual spot.
Looking north you can see the white temple building in the background beyond the bridge
Looking South at the River from the same spot
Further south to the railroad bridge
Looking beneath the bridge and beyond you see ducks taking advantage of the open water
Moving back to the north the ice is breaking up on the weir and water is running over.  Spring must surely be near.

10 Responses to “Walk in the Park #3”

  1. Christine said

    The Snake looks like it doesn’t have very high banks. Do you have much trouble with flooding? Our river has, for the most part, very high banks. Sometimes we get some flooding in the areas where the banks are lower. I live to go and see the river when the ice goes out. Huge chunks of ice rise, twist and tumble. When they crash over the weir it is amazing. This doesn’t happen every year. It depends on how fast the melt is.

  2. Christine said

    Actually, I love to go and see. Ahem, I really don’t live for this even though it is fun. I live for chocolate.

  3. Goodness! The snow looks so pristine and untouched 🙂 Most of it’s melted here since yesterday. Hope you’re having a great Wednesday!

  4. Lovely snowy scenes … I hope you’re all bundled up when you walk to stay warm and well!
    Hugs and blessings,

  5. liza said

    great shots! looks so cold though. hsppy ww.

  6. Beautiful snow scenes. Here in the Philippines, summer is approaching. Happy WW

  7. Jientje said

    Spring is coming, believe it or not! I love the picture with the bridge and the ducks’ footsteps!
    And the birch in the previous post! You’re getting better and better with that camera Eve!

  8. Brrrrrrrrrrrr!!!
    Happy WW!!!

  9. Phyllis said

    Beautiful pictures~

  10. Roger said

    Jeeeezzzz! I going to send you some warm weather down there!

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