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Archive for the ‘Tackle It Tuesday’ Category

Mittens and Vacuums and Exercise

Posted by adamswife on April 8, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

I have a number of things I need to tackle today. But first, something I completed this week. It all started back in January when my granddaughter, Jessica, came home from school with hands that were wet and icy. “Didn’t you wear you gloves?” I asked. “Yeah, gramma, but they got all wet and now my hands are freezing.” Being a good gramma I decided to knit her a pair of woolen mittens – wool is supposed to maintain its insulating properties when wet. Thus no more red, icy hands.

Then her brother decided he needed new mittens, too. So I knit another pair. Then the littlest brother had mittens that were too small – so he got a pair, too.

Finally, it was Emmy’s turn. Would I please knit her some mittens, too? About this time I started having the never-ending flu with it’s accompanying cough-til-you-gag. So work did not proceed very rapidly. But, this week Emmy’s mittens are finished. I would show you a picture, but she has them on her hands and has already left for school.

Today I have two major things to tackle.

  1. Vacuuming the floor. When I don’t feel well this is one chore that gets put-off. Consequently it is to the stage that I either have to vacuum today or get a scoop shovel next week. 😉
  2. Starting over on my diet and exercise plan. Another thing that goes by the way when I’m not well. I’m finally feeling better and intend to tackle squats/lunges for the Tight-Ass Club and 3,000 steps per day for Walker Tracker.

I think that’s enough to tackle for one Tuesday. Don’t you?

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