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Photo Hunt: Signs

Posted by adamswife on April 26, 2008

Photo Hunt 9: Signs

These are signs that caught my eye on my recent excursion to Twin Falls/Buhl/Jerome. These signs mark places that I hope to show you over the next few weeks or months.

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17 Responses to “Photo Hunt: Signs”

  1. lol! nice one for the theme.. mine’s up now hope you can visit.

  2. Snap Catch said

    ha!ha!ha! great cath for today’s theme. mine is up too.

  3. Interesting series of signs. I need to start carrying my camera with me again ;–)
    Hugs and blessings,

  4. Snap Catch said

    nice one for today’s theme… mine’s up too hope you can drop by.

  5. Thanks for dropping by.
    Intersting signs you have here.

  6. grace said

    The last one is scary!

  7. adamswife said

    Grace – it would be a whole lot scarier if it wasn’t still ‘way too cold to swim. Later in the season, when people actually want to swim, there will be a lifeguard.

    Prettylife – I peeked in at your post. Very amusing.

    Storyteller – a camera is a good companion on a walk. It frequently sees things I miss.

    Snap Catch – I dropped in, I puzzled, and then I went, “Oh, yeah.” Good post.

  8. LOVE the city sign!!! That cracks me up.

    My signs are posted, hope you can drop by and take a guess at the game?!!!

  9. this is a good collection of signs

  10. Wow! GReat finds for todays theme 🙂

  11. Christine said

    There is a balanced rock in Manitou Springs Colorado at the Garden of the you have a picture of your balanced rock?

  12. adamswife said

    Christine – I don’t have a picture of it yet. I could probably find one by searching the ‘net, but I plan to drive out there and get my own shot next time I’m in that area.

  13. adamswife said

    I couldn’t stand it – I had to make a search. Go here for a really close-up picture of the rock.

  14. Christine said

    That is pretty neat. It looks like it could fall over. The one in the Garden of the Gods had to have a steel rod put down the middle because they were afraid that it would some day fall over.

  15. adamswife said

    This one has had a bit of cement work at least once. Someone climbed up there with some dynamite and tried to bring it down.

  16. Jientje said

    That’s a great collection Eve!

  17. Looks like a lot o’ fun! I need to road trip out to your area.

    Whether there is a lifeguard or not, I am always swimming at my own risk.

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