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Looking Through and a Haiku

Posted by adamswife on April 25, 2008

Edition 11

Looking Through #2


Through the Bridge


Under the Perrine Bridge



For Strength



of the Snake




Bridge connects

North – South

More Haiku Friday More Looking Through

Perrine Bridge (not my photo)

As you look at this photo, I was standing under the bridge on the left side when I took my “Looking Through” picture.


10 Responses to “Looking Through and a Haiku”

  1. Wonderful … the way
    ou ‘combined’ your ‘memes’ today
    so artistic’ly ;–)

    Mine are up this morning:
    I Up and Did it Yesterday! at Sacred Ruminations and Baby Beagle Update at Small Reflections.
    Hugs and blessings,

  2. jamie said

    Great submission! HHF!

  3. Nice picture and poem bout the bridge. My Haiku are food related this week.

  4. DeuceMom said

    That’s beautiful!

  5. momisodes said

    Very well done! I love the first shot of looking through the bridge.Love the Haiku description.

  6. Christine said

    Great “looking through”. Loved your Thursday 13. I noticed that you guy have LEAVES on your trees! I am green with envy. We are getting snow again. Can you see me pouting? I am.

  7. adamswife said

    Christine – no leaves around here, yet. Those trees are in Twin Falls/Buhl area which is a bit warmer than Idaho Falls.

    Sandy, thank you. I love that shot, too.

  8. Zazzy said

    Oh, that’s a very cool shot. I love it and I love the haiku! You are so creative.

  9. adamswife said

    Thank you, Zazzy, for those kind words.

  10. Roger said

    I love your bridge photos Eve!!

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