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13 Pictures Taken in or near Buhl, Idaho

Posted by adamswife on April 24, 2008

Edition 13

Last weekend I went to Buhl, Idaho to visit my sister and to see one of my doctors. While I was there, I took a lot of pictures. Today you get to see 13 of the pictures I took in or near Buhl.


Buhl, Idaho – The “Trout Capital of America”


This mural is a work-in-progress being installed on one of the historic buildings in “downtown” Buhl (population approximately 4,000).

3 & 4.

My sister’s cat, Spanky, having a bit of a nap on the back of the chair.

5, 6, & 7.

These shots are of a golf course in the Snake River Canyon just outside Buhl.


If you turn and face the other way, this is the view you get of the canyon wall.


There is some new growth, showing green, among the old.


This sign points the way to the golf course and to a trout farm further down the canyon. Next time I make the trip I’m planning to visit the trout farm. I’ll bring back some pictures to share.


This is the Clear Lakes grade which climbs out of the canyon and deposits the traveler in Jerome County.

12 & 13.

Jerome County wheat fields. The “posts” in the middle of the field are the “solid sets” that support the shotgun sprinkler heads. To see one of these big gun sprinklers in action, go here.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little tour of Buhl and it’s environs. I have lots more pictures taken in the Twin Falls area to share with you over the next week or so.

Check out other Thursday Thirteeners here.  This is the first week of “themed” posting.  I, for one, totally spaced off the whole theme thing, but I’m sure there are others who did not.  This week’s theme “thirteen places you’ve visited that you’d recommend.”  I’ve given you just one. 😀


10 Responses to “13 Pictures Taken in or near Buhl, Idaho”

  1. Love the winding road. Would be a very kewl ride on the motorcycle. Thanks for sharing. Happy T13!

  2. Truly some beautiful country even when it’s brown! The cat looks happy content. The wheat fields look beautiful but I thought Idaho was known for potatoes? Show us some potato trees!

    Thanks for visiting my T13 Homage to Earth Day. I appreciate your thoughtful comments, not just on that post but all the ones you leave. Thanks!

  3. adamswife said

    Potatoes take longer to get their little green heads above ground. This is winter wheat so it greens up while the weather is still kinda chilly. I’ll show you potato trees later.

  4. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my TT, Eve!

    I like Idaho. My daughter-in-law is from Boise, and we went there for the wedding. I thought Boise was lovely!

  5. Ananya said

    Loved 5,6,7,9,10,11 and 13!cool pics!:) Thanks for stopping by my list!Have a gr8 week end!

  6. momisodes said

    Such beautiful landscapes! I love the winding roads. Population 4,000? Wow. I think there’s that many people living within a few blocks of my house. It must be an incredibly peaceful area 🙂

  7. Roger said

    Thanks for the tour! Looks like a great place to go!! Have a great weekend Eve!! 😀

  8. Zazzy said

    Pretty, pretty, pretty! And you know me, I especially love the kitty. I’m intrigued by the trout capital – I think we claim to be the bass capital around here. I’m glad you shared the pictures and I look forward to seeing more!

  9. Jenny said

    those are great pictures. 😉

  10. Carol said

    I live in Buhl,ID. and the scenery here is absolutely gorgeous. I am Sorry but, I just didn’t care for your scenic pictures. They do not show any of the true beauty of this small town and its surrounding countryside. However I did like your picture of the metal mural.

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