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A Forbidden Love – Slice of Life Sunday

Posted by adamswife on April 16, 2008

Slice of Life Sunday is a meme dedicated to preserving the accounts of events cut out of the lives of average people just like you from all over the word.  Like having ice cream with your pie, there is more to this meme than meets the eye – it’s a meme a` la mode!

When I was in high school I studied German.  For two years in German class I had a crush on the guy who sat across the aisle from me:  John.  John was tall and dark and to my eye handsome.  He was also very smart.  All the things I found most attractive.  And he had deep, dark brown eyes.  But John is not the object of this forbidden love.

The second year I studied German our teacher was a young man, fresh from college and single.  There was just something about him.  John was still there, still making my heart go pitty-pat, but there was just something about Herr Eborn that I could not resist.  He was young enough that he still blushed very nicely on occasion.  I found that rather endearing.  There were times he seemed to be flirting with one or another of the girls in the class.  I suffered such pangs of jealousy.  Didn’t he know I was the smartest girl in the class?  I had the best grades?  My accent was nearly flawless and my grammar perfect?  How could he be attracted to someone else?  I never knew just what there was about Herr Eborn.  After all, John was my first loyalty  – wasn’t he?  Several years later I found out that Mrs. Eborn (he got married during the summer after that year) was rather jealous of one of her husband’s students – me!  Could it be?  Was the irresistible attraction due to that greatest of charms?  Someone who found me attractive and, perhaps, irresistible?  Why didn’t he wait for me?  One of life’s mysteries. 😉


14 Responses to “A Forbidden Love – Slice of Life Sunday”

  1. Jientje said

    That’s life I guess ? ….

  2. Christine said

    Life is full of mysteries. Crushes are mysteries. When I look back to who I had crushes on it makes me shake my head in wonder. Good thing that I developed better taste as I aged. My Hubby is a cutie.

  3. adamswife said

    So is mine. I’m so glad I got him and not someone else. 😀

  4. Cricket said

    It is fun (funny) to look back and think about the crushes we had. I had forgotten, until I read your slice of life, that I too had a crush on a teacher when I was in the 11th grade. He was actually a substitute teacher filling in for our regular teacher who was out for maternity leave. For two months all the girls in all his classes vied for his attention. It was rumored he was seeing one of the senior girls, but that never stopped me from dreaming about him. LOL Thanks so much for participating, please come back and choose another!

  5. Sandy said

    Hello EVE!! So nice to have you drop by my “humble blog”. I love love love new visitors!! Please come back again..
    Quite a story!! Forbidden love for sure!! So what happened to John?? Smile

  6. Zazzy said

    You make me remember Jorge – my Spanish instructor. Mmmmm that man was delicious. He even had sexy feet.

  7. Oooh, your post dug up some memories of past crushes. With some I shake my head and thank goodness I got over those, and others…I wonder sometimes “hmmm,..why did that happen?”

  8. adamswife said

    Zazzy – I don’t believe I’ve ever known a man with sexy feet. Those Latin types must really have something. lol

  9. Christine said

    I would like to know how Zazzy got to see the Latin feet. LOL! Did he come to school with his feet naked? Sandals? Or did he tease all the girls by taking off his socks and shoes and put his sexy feet up on the desk then wiggle his adorable toes? Or did Zazzy think that he was just so sexy that it only went to figure that his feet must be so too?

  10. je said

    Herr Eborn is doing well, in case you’re wondering. He had seven children and now has 23 grandchildren.

    He’s also still teaching German.

  11. adamswife said

    I’m glad to hear that. I have thought about him occasionally thru the years – the way you think of those who touched your life and then moved on. Glad to hear he’s stll teaching German. I’m still trying to learn it. 😀

  12. Bart said

    I don’t remeber anybody named adamswife in any of my classes, but it’s nice to be remembered by someone from so long ago. I hope you are happy and enjoying life and that there are still a few mysteries left.

  13. adamswife said

    Well! I never expected this posting would ever be read by Herr Eborn himself. When I was in your class I wasn’t anyone’s wife. I was more likely known as Carl’s daughter or Connie’s sister. Occasionally I was known by my own name – Carla Newman. I enjoy life very much and make it a point to be happy. I hope never to solve all the mysteries. =)

  14. Cricket said

    Talk about a small world! I find this truly amazing. I wonder if I write about my first crush in sixth grade if Michael Huddleston will find out in cyberspace – I never told him way back then and he moved away that summer.

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