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Idaho Falls Temple

Posted by adamswife on April 13, 2008

This post is for Jientje and any others who have wondered about the white building visible in my weekly shots of the Snake River. The building is the Idaho Falls Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the Mormons). It shows up in all my pictures because it makes a good landmark to get the same shot each week. Since some of you have commented/asked about the building I decided to get some close-ups to share with you. These photos were taken the same day we had snow last week, hence the dark clouds.

The Temple from the Back

(This is the side you see in the river shots.)

Side view from the SW

From the Front

Thank goodness for computer editing. This shot was taken facing almost directly into the sun. I wasn’t sure it would come out at all. That’s the main reason I went around back and took another shot from there. I figured it would turn out a lot better. However, my Kodak editing managed to save it. For a larger image right-click on the photo and then choose “view image.” Clicking on the image again will enlarge it.

2 Responses to “Idaho Falls Temple”

  1. Christine said

    I got to see the Temple (outside) and Tabernacle in salt Lake City about 5 years ago.It was at Easter and the Tabernacle choir was singing. Becky and I stood outside to listen. We were invited to go in but we really were not dressed for it as we were on a bus trip with a bunch of teenagers. The gardens were beautiful even that early in the spring.

  2. Jientje said

    It’s so pretty! But it does not look like any church I have ever seen! Thanks for sharing this Eve, I have always wondered, from the first time I saw it!

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