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Fahrenheit 451

Posted by adamswife on March 27, 2008

000_0001.jpgI have posted a blog about this book at Reader’s Anonymous.  Please follow this link to that blog and then leave me some comments.  I’d really like some feedback about this.  Don’t be shy.

Starting April 1 RA is having a couple contests – one is for bringing in new members.  I’d love to win.  Take a look around the site.  If you like it, sign up (after the contest starts on the first) and then leave a note that I sent you.   We read one new book per month as a group.  This is chosen by group vote.  And then we discuss what we have read.  We’re really hoping for some new members to liven up the discussions. 😀


4 Responses to “Fahrenheit 451”

  1. Sounds interesting. I hope I can remember to check it out next week.

  2. Christine said

    Oh No! I didn’t read the instructions properly and went and signed up. I wonder if I can undo it and then sign up later? I am banging my head on the wall! Can you hear it? Bonk! Bonk! Bonk! My brain is not working very good right now.

    **That’s okay, Christine. Just tell them I sent you – maybe they’ll count it anyway. =)

  3. Ronnica said

    I remember really enjoying Fahrenheit 451 in high school. I think that part of the issue people have with it seems to promote undermining and disobeying authority. And it brings up the sensitive issue of censorship and government control.

  4. Jennifer said

    Don’t worry Christine, it totally counted. So far you are the only person anyone has invited.

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