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A Mouse Herd

Posted by adamswife on March 15, 2008

Photo Hunt 7: I Spy

I’ve been crocheting these mice with the intention of sending them off to a favorite kitty or two. I don’t have a cat because I am allergic. However, I am learning to enjoy the antics of others’ cats. The multi-colored mice are made of wool, the pink ones are an alpaca blend, and the brown ones are hemp. They all have catnip to entice the kitties and some have celophane to make them crackle. I saw them bunched together awaiting shipment and thought to myself, “It’s a herd of mice.” Not a very exciting story, but it’s mine.

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12 Responses to “A Mouse Herd”

  1. Dianne said

    These are cute! I hope you are tossing a little catnip in the middle too. : )

    **Oh, yeah, they each have about a teaspoon of catnip in the middle. What fun would it be without?

  2. ann said

    I spy mice… cute idea!!

  3. Oh those are so cute!!! How clever of you to create these little mice … and kitties WILL love them!
    Hugs and blessings,

  4. Teddybear said

    That’s Such A Cute Creation!
    I’m Sure The Kitty’s Will Absolutely ADORE Them!

  5. My Morgan would LOVE you!!

    I played too 🙂

  6. Zazzy said

    I think they’re adorable! My mom once made calico mice for our two cats. She left them on the television console (see how long ago this was?) and my cat got up on the tv and chose the mouse he wanted. You couldn’t trade the mouse back – George knew which was his. And a herd of mice…would be right scary!

  7. byrningbunny said

    These are so cute! What a good idea. My cats would love them (unfortunately so would the dogs!)

  8. G said

    Mice in different colors! Lovely post for today! Happy spying!

  9. Christine said

    I spy with my little eye something that is pink! LOL! Those mice cost lots at Pet Smart. Some little kitty will be happy. I like them as long as they don’t grow feet and start to run around. Eeeeeek!

  10. Tammy said

    Cute little mice! I know our cats would love them!

  11. Those are adorable! I’ve never seen anything like that 🙂 I’m allergic too 😦

  12. Schnuckiputz said

    Hi Eve,your cat toys are very cute !
    I’m making cat/dog pads for the local
    animal shelter.I found instructions on
    how to make the pads/quilts here

    **I checked out the website. It looks like there’s a lot that could be done quite easily to help out stray cats and dogs. I was fascinated that the animals are considered more “adoptable” when they have one of the cage quilts. It shows them off to better advantage. I’ll have to check locally to see if they participate in this program.

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