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A Haiku for Lotus

Posted by adamswife on March 14, 2008

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It’s all about the Lotus flower

She’s the beautiful,
Sarcastic Lotus flower
Who brings us laughter;
She shares butt pictures
Of the Braden macho man
And shots of the rack.
The Mexican, too,
Makes us laugh right out loud
As he licks his chops.
Now there is trouble–
Braden, Lotus, and John ill;
The walls black with mold.
They’ve found a new home
But finances are iffy.
Some friends have jumped in
To help pay the cost.
If you’d like to contribute
Please visit these links.

Project Spare Change for Lotus


12 Responses to “A Haiku for Lotus”

  1. i think this is fantastic!!

  2. Ah … such a lovely ‘Ku … and reading it reminds me how frustrated I am whenever I click on her blog … because I can’t read anything no matter how long I wait for it to load. I wonder what my problem is? I hate missing out like this :–(
    Hugs and blessings,

    **Have you tried accessing her blog from someone else’s blogroll? Wish I knew more about the workings of the ‘net – I might be able to suggest a remedy for your problem.

  3. Mariposa said

    Nice haiku! Happy Friday!

  4. Kathryn said

    Lotus is lucky to have such amazing bloggy friends!

  5. Christine said

    I will have to go and check that out. I sure hope she gets out of there fast…like even today would be great!

    **Oh, I hope so, too. If she were closer I’d be over there helping her pack boxes and getting her out of that moldy place. Beyond that I would bring her and her family to my house – away from the toxicity – until the move could be accomplished. I know a lot of others would, too.

  6. You’re awesome for posting this 🙂 I hope Lotus gets out a.s.a.p! Her pics made me ill just seeing what was growing in the house. I’ve posted a short blurb too on today’s post!

    **I guess it’s lucky I don’t live closer. When I saw those pictures I wanted to do bodily harm to the owner and the manager. I just can’t contemplate this situation without getting irate. If she doesn’t get out of there soon I may have a blow-up sitting here in front of my ‘puter.

  7. Jientje said

    That’s a great Haiku Eve! You’re such a caring lady !

    **Thank you. Some things just seem to bring out strong emotions in me. This type of threat to a child is apparently one of them.

  8. janet said

    i’m a big lotus fan too. this makes me soooooo angry.

    i’m so glad we’re all banding together to help.

  9. anglophilefootballfanatic said

    Lotus is getting LOTS of love today. I’m very glad for her.

  10. AFF is right. Lots of love for me and my family, and we are feeling truly blessed and humbled. Thank you so much for supporting us in this way, Eve! It means so much to our little family.

    And please don’t blow up, I like you! ;-P

    **I’ll try very hard not to. LOL

  11. Zazzy said

    That is very beautiful Eve – full of good energy!

    **Thank you!

  12. perpetualchaos said

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! What a great ‘ku!

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