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Along the Green Belt

Posted by adamswife on March 12, 2008

Wordless Wednesday
Wordless Wednesday #8

First let me say I slept well last night and I’m feeling much better.  Well enough to take some pictures of the river.

The mighty Snake is beating back Winter.

Ducks swimming in the river


Water pouring over the weir




Feeding the Ducks 




 They’re swimming on the sidewalk and the lawn.


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8 Responses to “Along the Green Belt”

  1. Solomon said

    The ducks are lovely. But what is the story behind the snake beating back winter?

    **The pictures are of the Snake River. It has been frozen pretty much solid for the last couple months. Now it’s running again — It has beaten back winter.

  2. Lisa said

    It looks like winter is subsiding……….:)

  3. Mama Duck said

    Awww, love the ducks ;).

  4. Jennifer said

    ok i have to ask!!! Are you in Idaho Falls???? I have a very very similar picture of the water and its driving me insane trying to figure out where this is at.

    **Same spot. Only difference is 6 months. lol

  5. Those are terrific photos! I posted my daughter smiling last night at the Rascal Flatts concert. I just posted my T13, and I noticed you were a feature blog! Congratulations!

  6. Christine said

    Spring has sprung for sure. I have all the snow off my deck and can make my way into the “cabin house”. That is what my grandson named the screened room on the deck. I bought some new candle holders and a wasp trap on Saturday. All the stores are getting the summer stuff out. It is so wonderful! I will have to go and get some pictures of the mighty Saskatchewan River. Very soon the ducks and geese and pelicans will be home for the summer.

  7. Zazzy said

    I’m most familiar with the Snake in the Wyoming part of the river. Just outside of Jackson Hole is where the famous Snake rapids (at least those in Wyoming) are. It’s fed by the spring runoff and I hear it’s quite exciting at the peak of the season.

    Beautiful shots, Eve. I look forward to seeing the area in real spring!

    **Me too!

  8. Jennifer said

    I posted on my blog an almost exact same picture( mine was summer though) of your 3rd one from my trip in August. We may have to have been in the same place!!!Mine was taken in Idaho Falls. Please let me know if that is where on the river yours were taken.

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