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13 Things I’d Change if I Could

Posted by adamswife on March 12, 2008

Edition 9

1. The candidates for President of the United States —

I don’t know who I would choose, but none of the 3 who are currently running (4 if you count Ralph Nader).

2. My age — I’d like to be 35 for the rest of my life. That was a good year, I was happy, healthy, and about as prosperous as I ever need to be.

3. My husband’s age — Being 35 again wouldn’t be any fun if he weren’t there beside me.

4. TV programs — I’m really tired of realty programs, and sit-coms that don’t know the difference between funny and silly/stupid.

5. The weather — what more can I say?

6. My weight — I know, you’re thinking that’s something I could change. Well, I’m not so sure about that. If I could change it wouldn’t it be different?

7. The economy — There has to be a system that evens out the differences between the haves and the have-nots without destroying individual initiative.

8. People’s minds — This would come in handy so frequently, I can’t begin to imagine how much better life would be if people would just have the sense to agree with me.

9. My little brother — Just think about it.

10. The lack of compassion in the world.

11. The price of gas –– what a hero that would make me.

12. French fries –– I would take out the calories and make them a lot less prone to becoming soggy.

13. The size of my hips — I’d like just once in my life to have hips enough to hold up a pair of slacks or a skirt – I’m really tired of the constant tugging. And there was that time when I didn’t tug soon enough and I walked right out of my slip, or the time my slacks ended up around my ankles. Really!

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25 Responses to “13 Things I’d Change if I Could”

  1. Jenny said

    I wanna go with what everyone else says. A DEAD MAN FOR PRESIDENT!

  2. damozel said

    This was a great idea for a T13. It’s got me thinking what I would change if I could. I like being 50, but I wouldn’t mind if I could go back in time and right some wrongs. And I would like to make my cats all 3 years old again….This is the sort of thing that’s hard to stop, once you start!

    13 Hearts

  3. Lisa said

    #10 makes me sad just thinking about it.

    Great list!!

  4. Ronnica said

    Number 8 made me laugh. I think everyone should agree with me, too!

    My T13: 13 Old Lessons I’m Still Learning

  5. Christine said

    I would like myself and my husband to be 35 but retired at the same time. I don’t want to have to do all those years of hard work over. Great list. I am going to be changing things all day now. LOL

  6. I’m pretty sure I know who I’m voting for, but one can never be sure until one enters the voting booth. Methinks 35 is youngish … I much preferred my 40s and 50s. I’ve never understood why anyone ever watched ‘reality’ shows. The concept seems like an oxymoron to me somehow and I’ve never watched … just listened to folks talk about them and scratched my head. Overall an interesting list … most of which seems totally out of control in so many respects. Interesting idea for a T-13 ;–)
    Hugs and blessings,

  7. I am so with you on #1. As for #2 and #3, isn’t wonderful that you and he will be 33 for eternity in heaven?

    Thanks for sharing and thanks for stopping by my 13 Things to Ponder T13.

  8. There are a few things that I’d like to change too but not sure that I’d want to go back to my 30s. That is a great idea for a TT list. Happy TT

  9. You can have my hips. LOL. Happy TT.

  10. Lori said

    Love the TT idea and I agree with many of them myself. Especially #1. I’m not excited about any of the options either. #8 sounds great on the surface but it would take out a lot of learning and growing. Maybe if they could just agree with me on the essentials. Ya, there ya go. #12-oh yeah!

  11. Jientje said

    I would not mind looking 35 again, but with all the wisdom and knowledge I have now!

  12. Nicholas said

    I would have liked to stick at 35 years old. If you can only do one of your 13 right now, please make it the gas prices thing!

  13. I wish I could change those things, too (except the little brother – because I don’t have one). My age, my hips, the presidential candidates, and reality TV, which sucks!

  14. Roger said

    Those are all right on!

  15. Oh what a great idea for thursday 13! I love the list 🙂 Right now I’d say I would want to be 25 again since I haven’t hit 35 yet, but I wasn’t a mommy yet, so maybe right now is where I want to be 🙂
    You’re so right about the gas, and I wish fries could be healthy food group 😉

  16. I came close to doing something like this. How weird!

    I played too 🙂

  17. Jennifer said

    I can relate to ALL of these (except the brother… since I don’t have any siblings!) Great list!!

  18. Great list here! Happy TT! Hope you’ll visit mine too…

  19. What a great list for T13. I agree with most, but since I’m 35, I’d gladly go back to 30.

    Happy TT! My 10th edition is up here: 13 Favorite 80’s Songs


  20. Melanie said

    I could not agree with you more on #1 ~ French Fries..I am all into that!

  21. Well, if my choice on #1 is the current chair warmer, or one of those 3, I’d take at least 2 of those 3 as an alternate!
    (And I refuse to count in Ralphie!)

    I’d like to be 35 again, only then I’d have a newborn and be getting a whole lot less sleep…

  22. maryt said

    Oh you don’t like Obama? Oh well! I can’t change my little brother – he’s been around for 60 years! LOL! 😀

  23. Jennifer said

    Oooh please make French fries calorie-less!!! They’re one of my favorite things to eat! I am so with you on losing weight (as you may have guessed, since I love fries…) and I know that it’s something that CAN be changed but it’s not EASY (at all) or I’d be thin!!

  24. Jennifer said

    Oh and I nearly forgot – I would cash in all 4 of the presidential candidates for one that I can believe in and feel good about voting for.

  25. Jeanine said

    Love your list this week.

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