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No More Paper or Plastic?

Posted by adamswife on March 10, 2008

Support Beauty in Nature Time to report on what I’ve been doing for the environment. Sarcastic Mom started me thinking about the environment and what I could do each day to make it a bit better – or at least not to add to the problems. Back in February I talked about participating in the first Earth Day and my early childhood efforts at recycling. My parents subscribed to the philosophy

“Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.”

Good for the environment and the bank balance. So, here is what I’ve done lately.


First off, I bought some material to make grocery bags and netting for the produce. Notice – I got this from the remnant bin – I’m “using it up.” This is what it looks like unrolled.


I’m gonna have the prettiest shopping bags in Wal-Mart!


I’ve been saving up my plastic bags to return to the store. Today I put them in the recycle bin. And while I was at it I discovered that Wal-Mart has bins for aluminum and plastic containers as well. That’s more recycling I can now do.

I already had a few bags, so I took them with when I went shopping today. This is the result.


In addition to getting rid of my paper and plastic, I have started phasing out the use of paper plates. This one is more difficult for me because I have to take my dishes upstairs to wash them (or wash them in the bathroom). So, that’s what I’m doing for the environment.

Go here to read what Lotus is doing and to find others who support Project Beauty in Nature.


7 Responses to “No More Paper or Plastic?”

  1. Christine said

    I bought a whole bunch of reusable shopping bags. I just need to remember to take them back to the car after I empty them. I love them. The groceries are so much easier to carry in them.

    You could get a couple of plastic tubs to do your dishes in. One for washing and one for rinsing or to drain your dishes in. I do this when we go camping to avoid using paper plates. I think the only time I go with paper plates is when I have a small army to feed at my house. I don’t have a dish washer.

    I want to run a cloths line outside this spring. That would save energy and my pocket book.

  2. Good for you!!! These are all admirable changes. Several months ago our trash company provided three different color-coded bins to all households so I sort by ‘green waste from the yard,’ ‘recyclables #1-7’ and ‘trash’ … and three different trucks come by weekly to empty them. I purchased tote bags at Trader Joes more than a decade ago and keep them in my car … carrying them into whatever stores in which I shop. I like not having to recycle and/or pay for plastic or paper grocery bags,
    Hugs and blessings,

  3. Wow! I really honor your committment – to make the bags yourself. I’ve been more conscious about recycling our aluminum, plastic, and (at school) paper. I know I could do more, though.

  4. Zazzy said

    Good for you! I have lost my canvas shopping bags over the years. I do recycle the plastic bags but it’d be better not to use them at all. I liked Gillette’s recycling. You put all your recyclables in a blue trash bag and tossed it in with your trash and it got sorted at the dump. I never could see why everyone in town wasn’t doing it.

    Forgetfulone – we can always do more. I think that is what makes the issue seem so insurmountable. But if each of us does even a little, it makes a difference.

  5. You’re doing a fabulous job! I really need to be better about remembering to bring my re-usable bags to grocery store with me.

    Sounds like you’re doing quite a bit 🙂

  6. You rock! I’m totally impressed. The reusable bags in on our list of things to do. Yay!

  7. Good for You!!! You are doing a great job! Our philosphy is reduce,reuse,recycle. We all just ave too darn much! We recycle everything. I don’t know if I could give up paper plates though.LOL. Have a grand day!

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