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Thirteen Things I See from My Desk

Posted by adamswife on February 28, 2008

Edition 7

1. 3 candles sitting on top of a dresser

2. A picture of Christ walking on the water (It’s all in shades of blue which I really love)

3. My “project table” with projects in progress:
knitted baby afghan
embroidered pillow cases
material for making shopping bags
netting for making fruit/vegetable bags
my violin

4. The tv

5. My chair

6. Under-stair closet with shelves containing craft supplies

7. My Jessie’s first studio portrait

Jessica 6 mos

7. My Flowbee that didn’t get put away after Sunday’s haircuts

8. The fireplace


9. A picture of Christ in Gethsemane

10. A “Family Portrait” with Ed, Laura (center back), and me and our 2 “borrowed” daughters, Becky and Heather (1996)

Family Portrait

11. Our “family tree” (with individual portraits) that my mom and I made for her parents’ 50th anniversary in 1969

12. A Disney musical toy that my grandkids left down here

13. A plaque my sister gave me


More Thursday 13

21 Responses to “Thirteen Things I See from My Desk”

  1. jennifer said

    Ha! Love #13.

  2. Noelle said

    Hi, cool list!! I’m a craft supply lover too, I have mostly beads though. I did a TT, it’s here:

  3. Jeanine said

    I love that plaque I need to get it for my sister too lol.

  4. adamswife said

    Noelle, I have a few beads tucked away somewhere. Never know when you’re gonna need ’em.

    Jeanine, I love it too. It’s a nice reminder of my sis and the relationship we have.

  5. Jientje said

    I love that studio portrait, and the one of the whole family!

  6. What sweet photos! I loved those 🙂 But that sister plaque is too funny!

  7. Vashonnte said

    cute family you have! i like your list! happy TT!

  8. Love the photos, they are just beautiful! Your project table sounds just like mine, all sorts of handwork to finish! Have a grand TT 🙂

  9. I enjoy the ‘new look’ of your header and need to teach myself how to do such things at Blogger (jotting it down on my to-do list so I don’t forget). I loved your list … especially the last one because I have a sister I’d love to give it to!
    Hugs and blessings,

  10. The plaque is really good. What is a Flowbee?

  11. Kaige said

    It’s always interesting to see what people surround themselves at their desks with. Thanks for sharing!

    Happy TT! Mine’s over at

  12. That was a great T13! Violin? Wow! I wish I had craft shelves in my understairs closet.

  13. Christine said

    I love your Thirteen Thursday. Loved your pictures. I feel like that I have visited your home. Thanks for having me over. I didn’t know that you played violin. Wow! I would have trouble playing a pair of spoons! What is a Flowbee? I wish that I had a sister to give that plaque to. Sigh! My parents gave me brothers, not that I don’t love them but a sister would have been wonderful. Maybe I will do this post too and try to get some of the other people on my blog roll who are slacking off to try this one.

  14. adamswife said

    A Flowbee is a hair-cutter that measures the hair with plastic attachments. It attaches to a vacuum that pulls the hair up through the attachments that measure the length to a cutter at the top. The bits of hair that are cut off then go into the vacuum – no clean up. Read more about it (and see pictures) here. I’m on my second Flowbee as I wore one out after 9 years of use.

  15. adamswife said

    I don’t actually play the violin anymore. It’s out because my granddaughter is learning the viola and we practice together occasionally. After my shoulder surgery 4 years ago I can’t play for more than a few minutes, nor can I correctly hold the instrument.

  16. Great pics and I got a chuckle out of your plaque. My T13 is up (late) so stop by if you get a chance. I listed 13 TV shows I Would Like to Be a Character On

  17. Lisa said

    What a great post. I’ll have to get one of those plaques for my sisters……………:)

  18. Zazzy said

    I love your photos, Eve. How adorable your granddaughter was/is!

    I feel so cluttered. I couldn’t get halfway through my immediate desktop in 13 items right now. 🙂

    How ya doing Sis?

  19. adamswife said

    I’m up and down. Yesterday I felt really well in the am and then faded toward evening. Today I got up feeling yucky, but managed a walk just before dark.

    I did a lot of picking and choosing when I picked out my 13 things. I didn’t mention the pharmacy that seems to have collected on top of my desk, or the chair with papers of unknown origin piled on it.

    The picture was taken when Jessie was 6 months old – 10 years ago. I’ve always thought she was an extraordinarily beautiful baby.

  20. Cindy said

    What a beautiful baby! It’s clear that you are surrounded by love and inspiration.

  21. Lazy Daisy said

    Wow, how comforting to have such neat things that surround you. Sounds like this area must be a special place for you.

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