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Posted by adamswife on February 26, 2008

JoshuaI was sleeping peacefully this morning just before 7:00 when I heard a small voice say, “Grandma.  Why is Jessie down here?”  After opening my eyes enough to see that it was still very dark in my bedroom I answered, “Jessie’s not down here.”  Then I heard another voice.
  “Yes, I am.”The Wink
After dealing with that interruption I was again attempting to sleep when I heard the phone ring.  By the time I made it from the bed to the desk the ringing had stopped.  Then I heard my daughter’s phone ringing.  “Ah – must have been someone looking for me who has now called my alternate number.”
EdI started upstairs to find out who had called and met daughter coming down.  It was the nursing home.  Ed had taken another fall early this morning.  He scraped his right elbow and injured one of his ankles.  When I called later to see how he was doing I was assured that he was not in pain and doing well.  I stopped by to see him just before supper time.
As usual, I found him sleeping.  I woke him up, kissed him hello, and asked how he was doing.  The look on his face suggested he didn’t know me, so I asked if he knew who I was.  “No,” shaking his head.  I explained that I’m his wife, Carla.  He still didn’t seem to recognize me, ‘though he was content to hold my hand as I sat there beside him.  “So,”  I said, “do you let all the ladies kiss you?”  He contemplated a minute, started to grin, and said, “Yes!”
When I left Ed I stopped at WinCo to pick up a few groceries.  I was in the store for 30 minutes or less.  When I got in the car to drive home, my feet started to cramp.  So, driving home I had pains in both feet with the toes pulling off into strange directions where toes were never meant to go.  It was the perfect end to the day.




5 Responses to “Tuesday”

  1. Zazzy said

    Hugs! It was a bad day for Mom too. Perhaps tomorrow will be a better day.

  2. Lisa said

    Well, I hope tomorrow is a better day. Enjoy a good night’s sleep……………:)

  3. Quite a struggle for one day, but you ave a great attitude about it all. I hate it when toes go where no toes have gone before! Have a better day today!

  4. Sounds like yesterday was a challenging one for you all around. I certainly hope today is a better one.
    Hugs and blessings,

  5. Jientje said

    Big hug, this is not easy …

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