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Chicory vs Endive

Posted by adamswife on February 25, 2008

Jientje posted a recipe using a vegetable she calls “chicory” which is better known in the USA as “Belgian endive.” Not knowing the difference, if any, between endive and chicory I decided to do a Google search. Under “Chicory vs Endive” I found this picture. Apparently the top is known in America as endive and the root is the chicory referred to in “chicory” coffee. There is also a curly-leafed, greener version that is sometimes known as “frisee” that also is called “chicory.” I suppose they could make it a bit more confusing if they tried really hard, but it seems to be a difference in locale rather than a difference in vegetable. And that is the end of today’s vocabulary lesson. 😀


13 Responses to “Chicory vs Endive”

  1. Zazzy said

    I was just reading her post and thinking – “but that’s endive!” Interesting that it is really chickory, too. Thanks for the vocab lesson.

  2. adamswife said

    Whenever there is a word puzzle I have to try and solve it. I thought chicory would be something entirely different. I had forgotten that it is a root.

  3. Thanks for the vocabulary lesson! Thanks for stopping by as well. I have emailed you the code for the Grateful Gals Blogroll……..we are delighted to have you!

  4. Christine said

    What does endive/chicory taste like? I don’t think that I have ever had any.

  5. Christine said

    Is it anything like hickory?

  6. I didn’t know about this at all, but I notice you have the Greatful Gals logo in your sidebar so I’m guessing you’ve signed up too. How fun!
    Hugs and blessings,

  7. adamswife said

    From what I’ve read and seen on the cooking shows endive is a bit similar to lettuce. It’s classed as one of the bitter greens. Jientje’s recipe is for cooked endive, but I’ve seen it used in salads, etc. as a raw green.

  8. What a cool pic of that! I had no idea they were part of the same 🙂

  9. Joyce said

    Hello, I would like to welcome you to the Greatful Gals. I am Joyce of Creation in Progress. I love your blog and the information on endive was very interesting. Feel free to stop by for a visit.

    Love and Hugs,

  10. Very interesting! I’ve heard of both, but never knew the difference. In fact, I’ll admit I didn’t know they were from the same plant. For chicory, I always think of Louisiana coffee.

  11. Jientje said

    great post Eve, translations are not always easy,and they can be very confusing but you made it all clear with one simple picture!

  12. schnuckiputz said

    Hi Eve,I make a salad out of about 4 – 5 “Belgian endives”
    First I mix the dressing in a cup.(I use 1 to 2 Tbsp
    of vinegar,depending on how many endives I have.)
    BTW,this recipe is very easy to prepare.

    1 Tbsp Canola oil,1 – 2 Tbsp wht.vinegar,about
    1/2 tsp Keen’s original prepared hot mustard,a few
    shakes of Knorr Aromat,a bit of garlic powder and

    Remove part of the bitter solid core at the bottom
    of the endives.Slice endives into about 1/4″ or so
    slices,starting at the top.Place sliced endives in a
    large colander/sieve and rinse with hot water from the
    tab for about 15 – 30 seconds,(this takes the bitter
    taste away).Shake the sieve a few times to remove the
    excess water.Place drained endives in a salad bowl and
    toss with the dressing.

    Note : Endive salad has to be eaten right away,or
    it will discolor.

  13. adamswife said

    I’ve definitely got to find a store that sells endive. WinCo doesn’t carry it. I really want to try Jientje’s recipe and now Schnucki posts another one that sounds yummy. I’ll have to check at Albertson’s and Smith’s.

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