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Another Walk In the Park

Posted by adamswife on February 25, 2008

I again took a walk along the “green belt” on the banks of the Snake River.  It was an exhilarating day,  but the scenery is still the same – lots and lots of white!  lol

This time of year there are always ducks and geese hoping for a handout.

Ducks & Geese

 This goose wanted to be sure she got her fair share.  She was busy honking and running to get to the front of the line.

Greedy Goose

There were some geese flying overhead in their v-formation, but they were faster than my ability to focus. 🙂 

 There are benches along the way in case you want to rest or just enjoy the scenery.

Park Bench

There is an island in the river.  Apparently someone named Keefer used to own and live on the island.  You can still see his small cabin.  It blends in behind the brush, but you can see the snow on the roof if you look closely.  Apparently in the summer months there is quite a bit of wildlife to be seen on the island.  Birds, of course, but also the occasional deer, rabbit, or fox.


Keefer Island

 The Snake River is still frozen from bank to bank.

Frozen River

 The snow has melted a bit exposing the weir.  But there is no water going over – it’s all ice.

Frozen Weir


4 Responses to “Another Walk In the Park”

  1. Jientje said

    This is a great series of pictures Eve!! You are getting better and better with that camera, I love the scenery!

  2. Zazzy said

    I love the photos – despite the snow. But all I can think about is what a rousing game of duck, duck, goose you could be playing!

  3. Christine said

    That looks like a beautiful walk. I love the ducks and geese. Have you ever been chased or attacked by a goose? They can get aggressive when it comes to food. Nothing makes my daughter laugh more than to see me running away from a goose.Keep the walk pictures coming. It will be neat to see the seasonal transformation.

  4. Thanks for sharing your walk with us in such lovely photos. Methinks I’d find it too cold to sit on the bench no matter how tired I felt, but feeding the geese sounds like great fun!
    Hugs and blessings,

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