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A Hair Haiku

Posted by adamswife on February 22, 2008

For More Haiku
I promised pictures
Of my new perm.  Here they are.
At the beauty shop
After Perm
Kathy always says
How cute it looks when she’s done.
I wanted to see.
New Perm
This is how it looks
After I style it myself.
I like it nat’ral. 
It’s much easier
To wash and wear than to fool
With the blow dryer.

12 Responses to “A Hair Haiku”

  1. Those are impressive haiku’s.

  2. Very clever pic!
    Perms make life much simpler.
    I love my perm too.
    Hugs and blessings,

  3. Lovely! Both in haiku and in curls, you are lovely. I don’t have the courage to wear my hair short.

  4. Kathryn said

    You are an impressive picture taker. Good shot!
    I love the curls. And the haiku!

  5. Christine said

    It looks really cute. I like to perm my hair in the summer. My hair goes flat in the humidity. It is nice to have wash and go hair.

  6. How very clever of you to get that shot! I’m with you, I hate fussing with a blow dryer and styling. Love the curls!

  7. Mama DB said

    Great shots and ‘ku!

    Happy Friday!

  8. Zazzy said

    Pretty hair in back Eve! What’s it look like in front?

  9. adamswife said

    OK. Here’s the front. But I really like the back better.

    These close-ups in the mirror remind me it needs to be cleaned. I usually look in the mirror with my glasses off, so I can’t see all the little spots on it.

  10. janet said

    i’m totally into wash-and-wear hair! nicely played!

  11. jenni said

    I couldn’t survive if I had to style my hair everyday.

    Happy Haiku Friday!

  12. Zazzy said

    Very cute! I haven’t had my hair that short in a long, long time. It would solve the problem of keeping it out of my face, though.


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