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Random Bits

Posted by adamswife on February 15, 2008

While roses may be red,
And violets certainly are blue,
Today surely is Friday
But this is no Haiku!

Good Morning I’ve looked at all my usual Friday memes – Fantasy Friday, Haiku Friday, Fridge Friday – and decided I don’t want to follow any rules today. So today you get whatever pops into my mind. If you’ve ever been inside my mind you know that could be frightening.

Martha Stewart is visiting “The View” this morning. She’s showing the ladies the proper way to make a bed. I haven’t made my bed yet today. And she has just reminded me that I really need a new mattress. I didn’t need that reminder right now. *turning off the tv*

Did you miss me while I was gone? While I was up I put away my breakfast things and took my morning pills.Old Broads Now there’s a phrase that lets everyone know I’m ‘way past 30 – “my morning pills.” When you’re young you don’t have morning pills. That is another of those things reserved especially for those of us who have reached a “certain age.”

Yesterday was Valentine’s DayRingOHearts a time for hearts, and flowers, and all kinds of love. To show my love for Ed, I went clear across town to his favorite fish and chips joint (Aussie Eats) and got him a big order of same. When I got to the home I found that he was not feeling well and had refused to go to the dining room for supper. So, I cranked up the head of his bed and presented him with his Valentine dinner. It was a big hit – he does so love his fish and chips. And I got him a card that plays “Do You Love Me.” So I played that for him and danced while he ate. It made him smile and laugh a bit. A good day!

The weatherman says we will have some thawing again today. It is certainly bright and sunshiny with clear blue skies. Plowed and shoveled However, my weather minder in the corner down there says it is only 9F. I don’t think I’ll be going out for a few hours. But I will be going out today. I want to take a walk in the fresh air. It’s not that I don’t enjoy making laps through the house, but I need some sunshine. I think I’m getting low on Vitamin D.

HaroldMy son-in-law, Harold, has been out of town on business for nearly two weeks. He is coming home today. Let the rejoicing begin! At least he has a nice, clear day for flying in. His flight was held up when he left because of the bad weather.

So, that’s my day all mapped out for you.Joshua Not very exciting, is it? I do get to babysit the almost-4-year-old while mom goes to the doctor in a bit. Seeing as I have let him live this long, I guess it will be fun. He put his life in danger – again – at 7:00 this morning when he started yelling “Gramma, Gramma” and then told me he couldn’t see because it was dark in here. I tried telling him I was sleeping and he should go away, but that only lasted a few minutes. “Gramma, Gramma, I can’t see.” “Well then, turn on the light,” she grumbled as she reluctantly rolled out of bed.



10 Responses to “Random Bits”

  1. Jientje said

    I would not want to listen to Marthea Stewart so early in the morning either! We have had a very bright sunny day here today too! We have celebrated a little bit, my husband and I since we are together for 26 years today! Phew! Hosw time flies when you’re having fun huh?
    I’m so glad Ed was feeling better yesterday! Hugs xxx

  2. I thought Martha was in prison?

  3. adamswife said

    She was. She’s been out for a while now. Got her show going and has started some new tv projects as well.

  4. Zazzy said

    Random responses: I still don’t respect Martha. She is still whining about how it wasn’t her fault. I’ve had morning pills and bedtime pills since I was three. Was that the *certain age* of which you spoke? I’m glad you had a good Valentines Day. Give Ed a hug for me. Sunshine at least makes the day look pretty even if there’s snow. I don’t like to go out in it but it’s a better view from my window. Your day sounds like life to me. Life is good.


  5. I love reading (and writing) “random posts” and am thinking myh I might do that on my next T-13 and/or Haiku Friday (if I can hold the thought for a week). I love how things worked out on Valentine’s Day for the two of you. Having been together so long, I bet there’s an unconscious connection between the two of you. I hope you enjoyed your outside walk and got plenty of Vitamin D. I got outside for a little while, but it’s so windy here it wasn’t very pleasant. I’m hoping for better weather tomorrow.
    Hugs and blessings,

  6. Dawn said

    “my morning pills” okay, that’s funny 🙂

  7. Roger said

    Have a great weekend stay warm, I am up here in Payette Idaho its a little warmer here, hope it gets to you!

  8. adamswife said

    They are predicting we might reach 40 in a few days. It never got as warm as the prediction today, so we’ll see.

  9. Christine said

    I wouldn’t follow Martha’s advice. I like my bed made improper…or not at all! Hehehe! I am such a rebel! I made hospital beds for 17 years. There will be no hospital corners in my house. Its 40F here today. Unbelievable! It was minus that last week! Sounds like you had a nice Valentines day and whats not to love about fish and chips? John and I went out for fish and chips yesterday…Shhh…don’t tell! All that greasy goodness…yum! I worked it off today. It must make you laugh to get woke up like that. It makes me laugh! Hahaha!

  10. adamswife said

    Hey, you’re 10 degrees warmer than we are today. Being woke up that way makes me laugh – later. At the moment it doesn’t generally seem so amusing.

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