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Free Association

Posted by adamswife on February 11, 2008

I visited Unconscious Mutterings today and found a blog about Free Association.  Here is the list of words provided and my first reaction to each.  I’m sure this reveals that I have serious problems of one kind or another.

  1. Score ::  Touchdown
  2. Luxurious :: Satin
  3. Party :: New Year’s Eve
  4. Limited edition :: Magazine
  5. Security :: Ed
  6. Betty :: Boop
  7. Under construction :: Highway
  8. Pest :: Insect
  9. director :: Movie
  10. Express :: Train

So there you have it – my free associations.  I doubt that you are any more enlightened about my psyche than when you clicked in here.  It rather made me wonder about myself.  These aren’t necessarily the answers I expected from myself.  But, it was fun.


2 Responses to “Free Association”

  1. Hmmm … looks like you’ve found another regular thing to post about. I suppose this could help with Blog 365.
    Hugs and blessings,

  2. My responses were the same on many although I thought luxurious:: bath for some reason. And I don’t even take baths. I mean I shower but I don’t soak. Oh forget I said anything.

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