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Photo Hunt 4: Heavy

Posted by adamswife on February 9, 2008

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I know, I know – all my pictures have snow themes lately.  I’m sorry.  But snow is everywhere – I can’t get away from it!  *me whining*

16 Responses to “Photo Hunt 4: Heavy”

  1. Natalie said

    Whoa! That must be some heavy snow to bend the bush like that.

  2. Carl said

    Great photo. The last snow we had here in north Florida was just before Christmas in 1989 and my wife and I just barely managed to get in I-10 going west before the DOT shut the interstate down. I remember seeing all the reports in New Orleans about so many houses suffering burst pipes because very few really knew to keep the water dripping and most homes there had exposed pipes. It was a mess.

    I hope you’ll take the time to visit my PhotoHunt entry on my blog at:

  3. That poor conifer is going to stick that shape if it doesn’t get cleared off.

  4. Dawn said

    Great picture of heavy. The snow must be really wet snow.

  5. Andrée said

    Hey, don’t apologize! That’s’ the way life is for us! I can’t see anything but white anymore: I’m incapable of it! But you have a very dramatic photograph of the weight of that beautiful stuff.

  6. Zazzy said

    That is a great shot! A perfect example of heavy 🙂

  7. Christine said

    Go ahead and whine. I am right along side you whining. You have so much snow it is going to damage the trees! That is whining justification! Cold is also whining justification. There is nothing else to take a picture of! Snow and blowing snow! LOL! I think we shall all go mad!

  8. I’ll whine right along with you! It dropped a few more inches of snow here today 😦

    That poor bush! Indeed all of that snow must be a heavy burden. GReat pic 🙂

  9. adamswife said

    I cleared the snow from the tree. Or at least as much as I could get out. It’s hanging a couple feet higher now.

  10. Now that DOES look heavy! Great photo and have a good weekend.

  11. Dragonstar said

    Heavy snow. Must be cold, too. I think I’ll stay here.

  12. If you didn’t post snowy pictures, I wouldn’t see any snow except at a distance on the mountaintops. Rest assured, this too shall pass … and then you can “whine” about something else.
    Hugs and blessings,

  13. Jientje said

    Oh my God! That is heavy all right! That poor tree !

  14. Kathy S said

    I have heavy snow, too. I guess it goes with the season.

  15. adamswife said

    We haven’t had this much snow for several years. In fact, not since before we moved here 8 years ago. Idaho has been in a drought along with the rest of the western states. In fact even with all the snow this winter it may not be enough to fill our reservoirs and replenish the aquifer. It’s a pain, and I hate the slick roads, the piles of slush that grab my car and try to hold on, and the cold, cold weather. However, at the same time, I’m very grateful that we will have enough water for the farmers to grow their crops, and the outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy their water sports. Perhaps even enough to head off some of the wild fires that have plagued us along with the drought. Instead of complaining I am trying very hard to pray for more of the same.

  16. nice photo

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