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The Snow Plow and Me

Posted by adamswife on February 7, 2008

Snow keeps getting deeper
Plows come ’round at last
Leave deep pile behind my car

I don’t notice that it’s there
Back into the pile
Stuck tight in big pile of snow

Shovel snow beneath the car
Litter for traction
Neighbor helps me get it out

“Daughter, you didn’t warn me”
“What snow pile?” she asks
Her truck takes me to the store

Four-wheel drive so comforting
To the store and back
I go and come home to stay



16 Responses to “The Snow Plow and Me”

  1. Kathryn said

    I can relate. We just got 13.5 inches of snow yesterday. Enough already! I am really done with snow. Spring, please?
    Great haiku!

  2. I would love to see some snow… but not that much!

  3. janet said

    snow is a novelty for me. but i can definitely see how you could get tired of it!

    great ku.

  4. phyllis said

    ah yes….the snow that won’t go away. i’m hoping for some quick warm weather to melt it all away but i just think i’m not gonna get that lucky!

  5. Toni said

    We haven’t had much snow yet but I have a 4 wheel drive and just love knowing I won’t be stranded in the event….great ku!

  6. Yeah, totally stay put!! That snow is the kind I like to watch, from inside the safety of my warm home..

  7. You’re really getting the hang of these Haiku Friday posts! Good job. Sorry about the snow hassles. Spring will come … eventually, but then it will be something else. LOL
    Hugs and blessings,

  8. Man, all that snow. I hope you thaw out soon.

  9. Scylla said

    You make me miss winter! I want some snow!!

  10. adamswife said

    The worst part of all this snow is that our temperatures are not rising above freezing – no thaw in sight. I’d like it to melt and go away occasionally. At least get some of the ice off the streets.

  11. Jientje said

    We are not going to get any this year I think! Spring is very near here!

  12. Christine said

    The southern half of the province is under blizzard warnings tonight. I think it will miss us. We are under wind chill warnings. It is just nasty cold out again.

  13. Gellianne said

    Hi! Very nice poem!
    I like your blog!

  14. Sometimes, I shake my fists in the air at snow plows. They always ignore our street.

  15. Are you playing with the syllables this week? It’s fun when you don’t follow the rules. I’m all for that.

    Good luck digging yourself out!

  16. Snow … ain’t it grand? I blogged about snow in my haiku, too 🙂

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