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Lookin’ Out My Back Door

Posted by adamswife on February 5, 2008

Wordless Wednesday
Wordless Wednesday #4

Backyard Snow

Backyard Snow 1

Backyard Snow 2
Snow Piled by Driveway and Sidewalk
Driveway Snow 1
Driveway Snow 2

25 Responses to “Lookin’ Out My Back Door”

  1. Yen said

    That’s a lot of snow! But they do look good for a photo:)

  2. Gabriel said

    I love it when the snow has that shape. It reminds me of meringue… 🙂

    Have a great WW!

    My post: Ergonomics.

  3. I miss the snow! Send some my way! San Diego… Lol!

  4. Christie said

    I wish that was the view from my back door. It’s all rain, rain, and more rain here in Oregon. Ugh. Happy WW.

  5. Euro Puppy said

    gorgeous!!! Happy WW!

  6. CJHill said

    Looks like my backyard! Mine was taken around daylight during the blizzard we had last week. Gotta love it, right?


  7. Jientje said

    I love the footsteps!

  8. Look at how much snow!

    Thanks for visiting my blog earlier 🙂

  9. Brrrrrrrrrr, cold, cold cold!!!! We had a high of 89 degrees [F] yesterday. I like warm, I’m like a lizard. LOL

    Happy W W – hope you can drop by my blog sometime soon.

  10. adamswife said

    The footprints are left by our miniature dachshund. I’m sure he must be at least shoulder high in the snow. I wish I could catch him out there when I have my camera in hand. lol

  11. shannon said

    That is a lot of snow! Stay warm, and don’t loose the miniature dachshund in all that snow.

  12. Glinda said

    So much snow, it looks exctly like meringue, as stated above!

  13. MamaWise said

    I wish we had that instead of the rain and flooding we’ve been having in Ohio these past few days.

  14. Robert said

    All I can say is BRRRRRRRRR. Beautiful setting. Thanks for sharing these today.

  15. Utah Mommy said

    Cool photos you have. We have a pretty bad snow storm here as well. That’s why i hate to be outside so much. Happy WW!
    Totally Worn Out
    The Future Pianist

  16. Wow! You had some serious snowfall. It looks beautiful when it’s fresh like that 🙂 hope you’re staying warm!

  17. Shelia said

    Ooooo, beautiful clean fresh white snow. I love it.

    Happy WW!

  18. adamswife said

    You should see it today. We got another 6 inches overnight. No more puppy dog tracks. lol

    Thanks to everyone for your comments.

  19. Natalie said

    Oh my! You have a lot of snow!

  20. Brrrrrrr … looks sooooooo cold there!!!!! But BEAUTIFUL 🙂
    Lovely series of photos for Wordless Wednesday.
    Hugs and blessings,

  21. Christine said

    Looks like my backyard. You could loose the dog in that. LOL! You should put him outside and take a picture. I would like to see that. Hahahaha! But only if he has he have a coat to wear. He must hate it out there.

  22. Zazzy said

    I love your photos but you can keep your snow! Oh it has to warm up sometime – do you have flood insurance?

  23. adamswife said

    Flood insurance? Don’t you know we’ve been in a drought for several years (again)?

  24. Joshua said

    Hi! That is real snowy there!
    Thanks for the visit.

  25. sexyinred said

    I wish that is my backyard instead
    There’s no snow in Dublin 😦
    Btwn Happy WW to you 🙂

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