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Surprise Moon

Posted by adamswife on February 2, 2008

January 27-February2
I went out after dark the other night to catch the last rays of the sun just sinking behind the neighbors’ house.
Winter Sunset
I wanted to get a picture with less of the neighborhood in it, so I walked into the street and changed the angle a bit. What showed up was a total surprise.
Surprise Moon
When I checked the picture and saw that round object I thought I had got something on the lens. I looked up at the sky again, but it was not visible to the naked eye. Only the eye of the camera caught this out-of-place moon.

28 Responses to “Surprise Moon”

  1. IAAdmin said

    Wow, that’s amazing.

    Why don’t you post some of these pictures on Iowa Avenue? They’re fantastic………….:)

  2. Dawn said

    that’s an incredible shot! really it is.

  3. adamswife said

    Thank you IAAdmin. I meant to post some photos, but I keep forgetting. It’s done now.

    Dawn, thanks for you comment. I found it rather incredible myself. 🙂

  4. Tiffany said

    These are beautiful photos, quite haunting

  5. That is a lovely shot.. I take lots of the sky and lots of sunsets but yours is really beautiful.. mine this week don’t have any of the sky though.. *sigh*

    cheers kim 🙂

  6. Great capture. Very awesome, our sky!!

  7. Trish said

    stunning – very eerie but beautiful

  8. HRH said

    The moon is stunning.

  9. Annie said

    That’s a really awesome shot – how cool!

  10. Tasina said

    Wow – nice pictures.

  11. Wow, gorgeous shots!

  12. Rhonda said

    Positively beautiful -nice capture.

    Mine’s up – It’s still me (rnning2wn2). I’ve just changed my look! I’m now Chuck instead of Rhonda 😉 Hey, why not.

  13. janet said

    fantastic shots!

  14. mrlady said

    That’s AWESOME! beautiful pics!

  15. mp said

    very nice..and it does look like an out of place moon!!

  16. Christine said

    Oh my goodness! That picture is beautiful. I am visiting my blogging friends here from the hospital transplant lounge. John is watching TV and I am busy on the computer.Just like hom…well sort of.

  17. Jientje said

    Well done Eve, that looks like the first take of an old wherewolf horror movie!!!
    Great pictures!!!

  18. Oh wow! That’s so cool how your camera captures what you couldn’t see in the moment :~)

  19. Such interesting pictures! I love photos of the sky…

  20. Maggie said

    Wow, the shots are gorgeous, and I love the story. Amazing.

  21. Marylin said

    beautiful pics!

  22. What a spectacular surprise! Thanks for sharing these lovely photos and for stopping by Small Reflections. I finished my list of “101 Things List ” (finally) and am hoping to post at Sacred Ruminations in a little while … once inspiration strikes. Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!
    Hugs and blessings,

  23. Rebecca said

    That’s awesome!

  24. Smiler said

    Very cool shots! I’m often amazed at just how much the camera captures. I think it’s not so much that it captures more than we see, it’s simply that we don’t see certain things because we can’t do so consciously so we tend to focus a only a few things at a time.

    New blog template! I thought I was on the wrong page for a minute. It’s nice and airy.

  25. adamswife said

    Thanks to all of you who have left comments. I look forward to your feedback. Glad you liked my surprise moon. 🙂

  26. Wow! That last one is amazing…..out of a storybook 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  27. Freakin’ Awesome!!!

  28. It’s a UFO!! It’s a UFO!! Or not!! Heheh.

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