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Snake River Weekly – January

Posted by adamswife on January 31, 2008

I have decided to keep a photo record of what I see when I visit the Snake River at the same spot each week for a year. That field of white is the Snake River covered in ice and snow. As with all my best ideas, this is one I borrowed from someone else. Zazzy takes a picture out her window every week. Out my window is nothing but a fence. So I drive downtown to the “green belt” and take the same shot every week. I will be posting a new group of photos each month.

Week One

Week 1

Week Two

Temple by the River 2

Week Three

Temple by the River 3
We got lucky today, the sun is shining!
The tracks in the snow are from the ducks and geese.

Week 4

Temple by the River 4

Other than the number of ducks, week 1 and week 4 look pretty much the same. So, I’ve decided to post pictures of the open water “duck pond” in the river as well. You will notice some changes in it. Apparently I failed to shoot the pond every week.

Week 1

Open Water 1

Quite a large area of open water. Off to the right is another, smaller open area.

Week 2

Open Water 2

This shot was taken from the opposite side of the river.

Week 3

Open Water 3

As you can see, today the open area is frozen almost closed. It’s been very cold.


7 Responses to “Snake River Weekly – January”

  1. Zazzy said

    Just remember I stole it from someone else. As much as I hate snow, those are really nice photos – it looks very pretty and serene. And cold. Really, really cold.

  2. Christine said

    Oh…Frosty! It will be nice to see the transition into spring. On Tuesday at the hospital we saw a bald eagle flying over the weir fishing.

  3. adamswife said

    Zazzy – Thank you. A good idea is never wasted. It is very pretty and serene. I love walking along there, even in the snow. But most days the breeze coming off all that ice makes it too cold to stroll. The only noise is from the ducks and geese.

    Christine – There is usually a trickle of water running near the power plant. Today even that was frozen solid. I don’t think there will be any fishing done without an ice saw. The official name for that area is “The Green Belt.” I call it “The Ice Belt.”

  4. Jientje said

    That is such a great idea, I think I might want to steal it too can I ???
    I love it, nice shots too by the way, I love the one with the white tower, and week 4 with the three ducks!

  5. adamswife said

    If I stole the idea from Zazzy, and she stole it from somebody else, you can certainly steal it, too. Maybe we should make it a weekly meme? Nah, already too many of those. LOL

  6. Jientje said

    I’m not sure if we should make it a meme?
    meme’s do attract a lot of traffic though, it’s worth considering… But it’s a great idea for those days you really don’t know what to post maybe?

  7. adamswife said

    I agree completely. Too many memes to keep up with. A great filler for slow days.

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