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I’m Crushed

Posted by adamswife on January 28, 2008

Dreamy Goodnight

What can I say? It’s nearly 3:00 pm here. My ‘day’ ends at 5:00 pm (for counting stats). I have only one new comment today – ONLY ONE – 30 visitors and 1 spam. Even the spammers have deserted me on this cold, blustery day.

I got a nice video of our blizzard this morning, but can’t seem to post it for you. I wanted to share. *tear drop* Alas! Apparently I don’t have the right stuff – for only a small fee I could blah blah blah. Everyone needs a good blizzard in their day. Shall I describe it for you? The trees swaying in the wind like Hawaiian dancers, the snow swirling in the air and into my face, the cold, the short visibility, the door I slammed against it. Ah, yes. It was a good one.

So, what has happened to my legions of loyal listeners – err readers? Have I let you down? Have I failed to fulfill my faithful promises of mirth and merriment? Where, oh where, have you gone? Please don’t stay long, wherever you are. I miss you. (Cue violin music) If you come over I’ll let you play with my new toy. Oh, sorry, I’ve been listening to my grandchildren again.

Hope to see you back tomorrow. I’m thinking about a word of the day post for tomorrow. I’ll have to find a really good one.


11 Responses to “I’m Crushed”

  1. Oh sweetie! I’m so sorry for commenting so late. It’s 8pm, and Mondays are always a nightmare for me work wise 😦 Work is not nearly as fun as blogging!

    I hope you’re staying warm and safe indoors during the awful weather. And hope you stocked up on some goods from the store….I’ll check back in tomorrow!

  2. adamswife said

    Today seems to have been a trial for many people. I read about a lot of angst as I visited around the blogosphere. I went out to the library a few minutes ago. The wind had died down and the roads in town were just beginning to ice over for the night. I guess that’s the price we pay for having a couple days of (relatively) warmer weather. The snow melts just enough to make lovely black ice. I don’t venture too far in the snow because my car sits kind of low and high centers if I get into anything more than a couple inches. I hope you’re feeling better this evening.

  3. Zazzy said

    I would leave you a smart-a$$ smilie if I could.

    *insert angelic expression*

  4. adamswife said

    I get the picture.

  5. jenn said

    hi eve hope your day got better. I would like to see the snow. We were supposed to get some but it never happened.

  6. adamswife said

    Actually, I had a good day. I enjoy a good storm – even snow when it’s blowing like that. Just so I don’t have to be out in it. I stepped out just long enough to make a 15-second video and then I was back inside. This post was my apparently weak attempt at humor. Please, no more sympathy unless you’re as facetious as I am.

  7. Christine said

    Misery loves company. You are not being quit miserable enough. The blizzard hit here night before last…well the snow part of it…it was windy through the day and still classed as a bona fide blizzard…I stayed home from the hospital. Today the cold has slammed us. It is probably on its way to you. If you can stay cheerful through that you are a better man than me. I have not shoveled a thing. There is no way I plan to freeze to my shovel! Mama didn’t raise any fools. Hope you enjoy my facetious sympathy.

  8. adamswife said

    Christine, I enjoy it very much. Cold, blustery days call for blankets, fires, mystery books, and popcorn. It’s the only way to survive!

  9. Christine said

    And Tazo Chai tea! Actually I am very happy today. No way is the cold getting me down. I think that maybe John gets to come home tomorrow. I am vibrating I am so happy.

  10. adamswife said

    Hooray for you and hooray for John!!!!! Hope everything goes well. Drive carefully!!

  11. Looks like your lament produced results… maybe I’ll try that myself on slow days. LOL
    Hugs and blessings,

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