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A Bit of These and Toes

Posted by adamswife on January 27, 2008

January 20-January 26, 2008
A duck pond in the frozen Snake River
Feeding the Ducks
Ducks fly in for bread
It was about 10 degrees the day I took these pictures, with the windchill closer to 10 below.

17 Responses to “A Bit of These and Toes”

  1. Tiffany said

    Love the feet…
    Great photos!

  2. The ducks are really cool.

  3. Jientje said

    They are, “cool” I mean!
    And the feet are cute!

  4. Great shots!! Cute ducks and feetsies!!

  5. HRH said

    brrrrrr. love the first one.

  6. Christine said

    It always amazes me how the ducks and geese will leisurely paddle around in near freezing water. I wonder how their feet don’t freeze. In this cold keep the other feet featured toasty!

  7. Tasina said

    Love the ducks! The first picture is beautiful too.

  8. Annie said

    That first picture is making me cold! It’s a great shot though!

  9. julie said

    Man that looks cold! Great photos!

  10. Rhonda said

    That was fun – come by and see mine too!

  11. anglophilefootballfanatic said

    I can’t believe the ducks didn’t fly south? That is COOOLLLDD!!

  12. Great shot of the ducks; too bad they tend to leave stuff from their behind behind.
    Very cute feet!

  13. jenty said

    Poor ducks!! Looks very cold.

  14. Maggie said

    Brrrr…. So cold! Lots of feet this week 😉

  15. Brrrrrr … I hope no one went outside with the bare feet from the last shot!
    Hugs and blessings,

  16. We had a shot of 10 degrees this week, too. Oy. Great pictures!

  17. adamswife said

    Tiffany – thank you.
    Solomon – When I started scattering bits of bread the ducks flew in from the ‘pond’ so fast I was afraid they’d mob me. They didn’t. They are very well-behaved.
    Jientje – thank you. I like the feet, too. It was just a quick thought I had one day, but I liked the result.
    Secret Agent Mama – thank you.
    HRH, Christine, Tasina, Annie, Julie – I love that pond, too. I just can’t seem to stop taking pictures of it. There is another open area just a bit upstream. I think it must be that a warm spring comes up there – otherwise I don’t understand why it’s not frozen over like the rest of the river.
    Rhonda – I’ll be sure to visit you.
    Anglophile, Karen, Jenty, Maggie – I don’t know why they don’t fly south. Maybe this IS south for these particular ducks. We have ducks and geese on the river there year ’round. I think what they leave behind helps to keep the grass green.
    storyteller – rest assured no one goes out without shoes!
    Suzanne – I’m sorry to hear you’ve been suffering the cold, too. I can’t remember a time I’ve been more anxious for warm weather!!!!

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