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Posted by adamswife on January 24, 2008

Thanks to everyone who visited my blog today.  I finally had over 100 visits in a day – 155 to be exact.  Highest previous total was 96.  I feel that I have reached a milestone of some sort.
Ha, Ha, Ha

11 Responses to “Yowzer!!”

  1. That lady looks the way I do when I drink too much. Loose and insane.

  2. adamswife said

    I look that way upon occasion without drinking. LOL I’m a wild and crazy gal! ;D

  3. Zazzy said

    Go Eve! Zoom!

  4. That’s incredible all right! Maybe I should take time to check MY stats one of these days and see what traffic is like. Maybe I’ll do that next week when tennis is over. LOL Congratulations! You’re obviously doing something right in a big way.
    Hugs and blessings,

  5. Dawn said

    cool! I know how you feel – hitting those new numbers is a fun shot of adrenaline … oh … only adrenaline for me … *blushes*

  6. Jientje said

    Congrats! Yeah, I had that same feeling way back on my Dutch blog. I always said, the day I get a hundred visitors a day, that would mean so much!
    Well, that’s a long time ago because I have about 1000 in two or three days now, so! It just grows and grows! I reached a total of over a hundredthousand visitors there, and I’m proud of that!
    On my heaveninbelgiumblog I get around 30-31 visits. But I know it grows, so I am happy with it!

  7. susiej said

    Drats!! I wasn’t one of them… Maybe it will happen again today!!

  8. susiej said

    Drats!! I wasn’t one of them… Maybe it will happen again today!!

  9. IAAdmin said

    Congratulations…….A real milestone………:)

    In regards to the picture on the front page, it’s weird that her shoulders move, but not her boobs………I just thought this was funny.

  10. That’s impressive. The highest i ever got was 102. 🙂

  11. adamswife said

    I was visiting storyteller earlier. She mentioned that she is about to make her 100’th post. That sent me back to my blog stats to find how many posts I have made. Would you believe 107? I passed 100 without even noticing. LOL I guess that just proves that I “talk” a lot. I made my first post on September 11, 2007. For the first two months I didn’t post at all regularly – once every week or three. I started posting regularly when I got into NaBloPoMo. Now I can’t seem to stop. ;D

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