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Good Things

Posted by adamswife on January 17, 2008

1. Attending Church – I am forced to comb my hair, dress up a bit, and don some makeup – then there are the spiritual benefits.
2. Baking Bread – I just love the feel of the dough, knowing it’s going to be just right. And the smell is divine.
3. Homemade Soup – full of veggies and good flavor – lo fat, lo sodium – healthy!
4. Hugs from Grandchildren – squeezes and kisses and I love you’s
5. Kisses from Ed – my eternal sweetheart
6. Meditation – every now and again it’s nice to just be quiet and listen – to your god, your own thoughts, the quietness around you
7. Walking in the snow – the crunch and the cold and the crisp, clean air
8. Laughter – it exercises your insides
9. Music – it can inspire, energize, or calm – whatever your need at the moment

10. Dance – music and rhythm and movement together
11. On-line friends – laughs, and smiles, and sometimes tears
12. Being alone but not lonely – an escape from the intrusion of the world
13. Chinese take-out – I didn’t have to cook!
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19 Responses to “Good Things”

  1. Jientje said

    We do have a lot in common, if I did that one, the results would be almost the same! Exept for the snow, and the grandchildren that I don’t have!

  2. adamswife said

    I think we’re sisters born a world apart. It’s always nice to meet someone a bit like yourself.

  3. zenmomma said

    Yay for good things!

  4. Christine said

    I love your list. The only thing I would change is the walking in the snow and the crisp chill air. That is probably a result of winter lasting from about mid October until mid April. Oh ya! I would also have to omit the bread making too. LOL! If you get bored today, go to the Coop or at my page at NaBloPoMo and read the account of my attempts to make bread. It is titled Honey Buns. I think you will laugh and maybe even fall out of your chair. Ask Jientje!

  5. Baking bread for the win!!!

    I know what I am doing tonight…

  6. Nifty list … nice learning more about you. I love #8 especially with 9 & 10 coming close behind for my faves. Happy T-13ing!
    Hugs and blessings,

  7. mitchypoo said

    I love #12! That is the greatest solitude. Happy TT!

  8. I like how you say that laughter exercises your insides. Great way to put it.

    Hope you will come visit my TT today!

    Sleeping Mommy’s TT

  9. momhuebert said

    Did all that come in one day?! What a great day! (Or even, a great week…)

  10. adamswife said

    Fullbody Transplant, storyteller, Mitchypoo, Sleeping Mommy, and Momhuebert, thank you all for stopping by and commenting.
    Momhuebert, I hadn’t thought about it, but all those things did come within one week. I gotta tell you, I experience a great many of them every day.
    Sleeping Mom, I try to visit everyone who leaves a message on my 13’s. Especially when you leave a link, too.

  11. Just a mom said

    Very nice 13

  12. I love #12.

  13. Jientje said

    Jientje agrees, Christine’s bread baking stories will give you more than just a chuccle!

  14. […] 4. AdamsWife’s Weblog […]

  15. Those are great things (I’ll take your word on #5). Thanks for visiting my T13 this week.

  16. IAAdmin said

    I love the list and #4 can wait a few years for me………….:)

  17. Nicholas said

    You are so right about several of those, especially #11!

  18. adamswife said

    JAM, Solomon, Jientje,Dane, IA, and Nicholas – thank you all for stopping by and leaving me a comment. Dane, I’m sure Ed feels the same way you do about #5. IA, Grandchildren are the reward you get for not killing your kids when they’re teenagers. And they are the best reward, ever. Nothing heals as well as big hugs from little kids. For everyone else, if you haven’t visited Chris’ Coop (see blogroll on sidebar) and read about her honeybuns you’ve missed a really good laugh.

  19. Carol said

    Great Thursday Thirteen list. We’re very similar.

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