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Ever Have One of Those Days?

Posted by adamswife on January 15, 2008

Mice in Trouble


7 Responses to “Ever Have One of Those Days?”

  1. aniche said

    🙂 that’s COOL!

  2. Christine said

    Today is one of those days. After I posted I looked out the window and it is storming out there so I am house bound until the weather clears up. I am too chicken to go out an the highway so won’t do it unless it is urgent. I hate those white knuckle rides. Winds are gusting up to 70 kilometers…it is snowing and blowing snow plus it has warmed up so the snow will stick to the road and is probably icy.John is doing fine…he is groggy from all the anti-nausea meds and will probably sleep most of the day. I hope today is as uneventful as yesterday for him. I don’t like leaving him at the hospital alone. I think I shall have a sleep then do some baking and I will keep tabs on him by phone.

  3. adamswife said

    Thank you, Aniche. And thanks for stopping by.

    Christine, sleeping and baking sound like the perfect way to spend a stormy day. I always think the house seems warmer with the smell of baked goods. Probably is warmer with the oven going, anyway. I hope John has a good day, too.

  4. “Some days you are the pigeon, and some days you are the statue.”

  5. adamswife said

    How, true. How true. 😀

  6. What a crack-up! Thanks for the chuckle …
    Hugs and blessings,

  7. adamswife said

    All things considered, I think I’d rather be the statue than the mouse.

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