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Wordless Wednesday

Posted by adamswife on January 9, 2008

I went to the beauty shop yesterday and had my nails done. This is my beauty counselor, Kathy.


This is my left hand (notice the lovely heart-shaped opal that I got as an early Christmas gift from my honey on account of I lost my wedding rings and felt naked without them) which doesn’t know what

Left Hand

My right hand is doing.

Right Hand

I almost decided not to post the pictures of my hands when I noticed that I have chicken-feet hands. A very certain sure sign that I am OLD!!

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19 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday”

  1. That’s a very nice shade of nail vanish 🙂

  2. Serena said

    The nails are very lovely and nicely done indeed. 🙂


  3. Nice color for the nail…

  4. Shelia said

    That’s why we go and get the beautiful manicure that you have, as well as wear the pretty jewelry! Happy WW 😀

  5. Shabem said

    I love the color of your nail polish.
    Great photo of you too!
    Happy WW!

  6. liza said

    ohhh pretty hair and nails..they did a good job on you..;)
    Happy WW! mines here

  7. Christine said

    Hey!…what are my hands doing on your blog…minus the nice manicure…minus the heart shaped opal they are my hands. I think you borrowed my hands while I slept and dressed them up. Do you know what is worse than chicken skin hands? That would be the chicken skin neck. I have a doozer of chicken skin neck. I woke up with it one morning. I am not quit sure of what to do with it. Ignoring it seems to be the best option. I also think smiling a lot diverts peoples attention away from it. LOL

  8. adamswife said

    Those are indeed my hands, but the hair belongs to Kathy, my beauty consultant (beautician? nail lady? what do you call such a person?). lol To see a picture of me scroll down to the post “My First Pictures.” Kathy does my hair as well as my nails.

    When I look closely at my hands, I see my mother and my grandmother. Sometimes I wonder if my hands will betray me eventually and stop doing all the things I demand of them – handwork, keyboarding, combing a grand child’s hair. I have some vanity about my hands that I hadn’t acknowledged until I started trying to get a picture I didn’t hate.

    Thank you all for your comments. I’ll be popping in to check on your blogs today, too. =)

  9. lutchi said

    love the hair and nails.

    Mine is up at Mine is up at 4 Seasons Of My Hope You can visit me too. TC

  10. Natalie said

    What a pretty ring!

  11. Amy Shipp said

    Nice nails! I know what you mean, my hands look about 25 years older than the rest of me! Cuz I am a habitual hand-washing germ-a-phobe! 😀

  12. Jientje said

    I am having a manicure tomorrow, but i am not allowed to have nail polish, because I work in a cheese shop! Handling food all the time and nail polish just don’t mix!

  13. What a treat! I love the manicure 🙂 Your nails do look fabulous

  14. Just a mom said

    Eve how are you I have found you. I could not link back to here. I think your ring is beautiful. Thank you for stopping by. Please do again and I will be catchin up on your life here. Nice to meet you


  15. adamswife said

    My nails are really bad – possibly from being diabetic, I don’t know. I have acrylic overlays to keep my nails from splitting down the middle. I have learned to enjoy the process. I’m so glad that Kathy can make them look good again. I used to have nice nails without any help. That was before my hands looked like chicken feet. LOL

    Jientje, I can imagine that bits of nail polish flaking into the cheese would not make a good impression.

    Just a Mom – I’m glad you found me. Hope to see you frequently.

  16. Aviva said

    LOVE the opal ring!! Do be careful with it — I just love opals but they tend to be very fragile and can shatter fairly easily. My personal jeweler (just love the way that sounds 😉 but my husband is very into buying me custom jewelry when we can afford it, which isn’t often these days!) advises against using opals in rings that you plan to wear daily. She says they’re great for special occasion rings, but won’t hold up to everyday use the way a harder stone will. It totally bummed me out when she told me the same thing about Tanzanite, which is my absolute favorite gemstone. So I ended up with a gorgeous Tanzanite pendant and a beautiful sapphire for my engagement ring. Rats, I don’t think I have a digital photo of it or I’d post it here to show you, but I like to tell my husband that it’s the Prettiest Ring On Earth. Of course, I suspect just about every woman feels that way about her engagement ring, at least I hope so!! Glad you’re enjoying your beautiful new ring, and I’m curious about the one on your right ring finger too. What stone is that? It looks like a pretty pink, although the lighting isn’t the best so maybe it’s a ruby that just looks pink because of the lighting?

  17. adamswife said

    Thank you! I don’t wear my opal every day. I try to remember to put it on before I go out, but sometimes forget. My right hand ring is a pretty pink stone. I don’t remember what it is called. I saw some pictures in a sales flyer and told my husband I liked them very much so he bought me one for Christmas a couple years ago. As I remember the pictures the color ranged from the lovely pink to a darker pinkish lavender. It’s a less expensive stone than a ruby. I love rings. I told the jeweler that I want one for each finger. Actually I’d like enough that I could trade off according to my mood or outfit. The other ring is my ‘Mother’s Ring.’ The two green stones are for my daughter and me who were both born in May (emerald) and the yellow is for my husband’s November birth. I don’t think those are real stones, either. It was also a Christmas present.

  18. schnuckiputz said

    Eve,your finger nails look lovely !

  19. adamswife said

    Thank you, Schnucki!

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