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Posted by adamswife on January 8, 2008

Angel Fairy
Today is my Boniva day. I have 15 more minutes before I can eat breakfast. Some days that hour you have to wait is very long. 🙂I’ve been listening to Martha Stewart this morning. She just urged everyone to read her daily blog. I think it’s interesting that she blogs everyday and begs for readers. Does she count her comments and constantly check her stats? Just wondering.

Today I get my nails done. One of my favorite things. The people in the salon are so much fun. We laugh together and tell silly stories. Kathy has some very funny tales about her experiences with on-line dating.

In my mail yesterday along with the junk and the bills was a very imaginative fabric postcard. That I enjoyed and it made me smile. There was also a letter from the Social Security informing me that my application for disability has been turned down again. That didn’t make me smile.

Because I can walk, and talk, and function somewhat normally they think I should be going to work every day. I’d like to do that. However, my digestive problems frequently (3-5 days each week) keep me tied so closely to the bathroom that I cannot leave the house. (My son-in-law kids me about having an affair with a man named “John” who lives in my bathroom.) There’s a problem with regular attendance at work. So, it’s back to the drawing board on this one. Gotta call the attorney and find out what we do next.

Since I posted my rant about the problems I was having with my pharmacy I get spam every day for prescription medications – nothing that I use, mind you. I guess they think if you go to the pharmacy for any reason you are ripe for a source of cheaper drugs. I have very good prescription coverage – I don’t think they can help me – even if I was looking for Viagra. 😆 And because I mentioned this again, I’ll probably trigger another increase in spam.

Have a great day!


4 Responses to “Tidbits”

  1. Jientje said

    Yes, I can imagine! (that last remark)
    The cats in France? I think they have a good life yes, perhaps even better in Belgium, I don’t know, depends on who you choose to live with huh? If you’re a clever cat, the best restaurant in Goult is a good choice! You know, I envy that one, I really do!

  2. Christine said

    Is that how you get spam? We have been thinking of changing our E-mail address because we are getting so much. It gets filtered out but we still have to go in the holding area and delete all the garbage. We probably get 10 requests to buy V…ra! Shhh…maybe they won’t catch on to that…a day! Our provider said it is only a matter of time and it will be just as bad. I get a lot for prescriptions too…and watches…Rollidex look-a-likes!

  3. Ohmygosh – I’m almost afraid to leave a comment for fear I’ll get spam for doing so, but I wanted to say I hope you had a fun day at the salon.
    Hugs and blessings,

  4. Zazzy said

    I still have very mixed feelings about Martha… oh well.

    As for spam 🙂 I keep one address that is used exclusively for registering anywhere I need to register. I let newsletters and things I want to read come to the inbox the rest is spam. I have a whole different address that is used for friends and family. For years I got no spam at that address because it wasn’t out there getting sold or stolen. Then a friend got a virus that mined my address and I had 200 spam mails a day. So, I got a new friends and family addy that almost never gets spam.

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