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Spam – It’s not just for lunch.

Posted by adamswife on January 2, 2008

I think I have “arrived” as a blogger.  I’m picking up more spam everyday.  For a long time I didn’t get any.  I guess that means my blog has been recognized on the ‘net.  Oh, joy!


2 Responses to “Spam – It’s not just for lunch.”

  1. schnuckiputz said

    Why do people spam ?
    I have a few questions and thoughts about spammers.
    Do they get paid for every spam they post ? Are spammers just very mentally sick people ? Then they should seek medical help for their problem,I think.
    I don’t know of one person who wants to receive
    and/or reads spam.My e-mail has a spam filter,
    provided by my internet server for free.
    Unfortunately some crap gets mixed in with my good mail too.I delete every spam unopened !
    In this computer age,maybe it is time to create spam laws,with heavy fines too.We should be able to report spammers to their internet providers so that they
    lose internet access immediately.Creating new spammer IDs,for banned spammers,should be made very difficult too.I wish a computer guru could figure out a
    solution to the spam problem.
    Thanks for letting me vent,Eve !

  2. adamswife said

    No problem.

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