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A New Year

Posted by adamswife on January 1, 2008

Frosty Morn

The new year begins with left-over snow on the ground.  Does that make some kind of philosophical statement about life?  Probably. ;D 

I celebrated the coming of a new year with my family – daughter and husband (who fell asleep about 10 minutes before midnight) and my four grandchildren.  The 3-year-old went to sleep before the party started, the 6-year-old was sleeping in the chair snuggled up to her dad, the 10-year-old likewise fell asleep just before the magical moment, daughter was upstairs taking care of some business.  Graydon (8 years old) and grandma were the only ones to see the ball drop.   The 3-year-old showed up downstairs a few minutes ago demanding to know why we had the party without him.  lol

Personally I found it a lovely evening.  To spend time with my family, share some great food, play a game or two, enjoy a cozy fire gives me comfort and hope for the future.  

I gave up making resolutions years ago when I realized I had made the same ones year after year for many years.  I have things that I work on every day to try to improve my life and health.  Some days more successfully than others.  I start over constantly – don’t need a new year to inspire me to change.  However, a new beginning, whether a new year or a new day, is a good time to take stock and recommit to the struggle.  In 2008 I’m hoping for an increase in wisdom, improved health, and love and harmony in my family.  What more could anyone ask?


4 Responses to “A New Year”

  1. Christine said

    You couldn’t ask for better. Happy New Year.:)

  2. Sounds like a lovely evening. I usually “snore” the new year in unless the neighborhood fireworks awaken me around midnight. I’m with you about “resolutions” … every day is a new beginning and keeping our focus in the moment mindfully helps us make the best decisions in the present. May 2008 bring peace, joy and wonder to your and yours. Stay warm!
    Hugs and blessings,

  3. IAAdmin said

    LOL…..I fell asleep before 11:00pm, but the New Year still looks great. From the sound of it, your New Year started perfect, surrounded by family. It doesn’t get any better than that………………:)

  4. adamswife said

    IAAdmin, storyteller, thanks for dropping in and leaving me a comment. I have great hopes for this new year, and I believe the beginning was just a shadow of good times to come.

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