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A May-born Child

Posted by adamswife on December 28, 2007


I was reading a meme on another blog this morning. Part of the instructions were to go to the month of your birth, read the characteristics listed there, and highlight the ones that apply to you. Not being tagged, I don’t have to follow all those rules, but I do want to comment a bit on the May-child.

Stubborn and hard-hearted: I have been known to be a bit recalcitrant at times, but never hard-hearted.

Strong-willed and highly motivated: Now that depends on the circumstances and the time of day. Lately both my will and my motivation have been less than indicated.

Easily angered: Not anymore. Anger requires a lot of energy and I learned quite young that the rewards of anger are alienation and loss.

Attracts others and loves attention: Of course. Doesn’t everyone?

Deep feelings: Yes

Beautiful physically and mentally: You know I’m one of God’s most adorable creatures. And my brain is just lovely – I have the MRI’s to prove it.

Firm Standpoint: Well, yeah. Gotta be on firm ground or I might fall down.

Needs no motivation: See above.

Easily consoled: If this is a good thing, then I’m sure it absolutely fits me. I’m not sure, though, exactly what it means.

Systematic (left brain): Well, people have been telling me for years that I’m not in my right mind!

Loves to dream: Of course! Dreams are so much nicer than reality.

Strong clairvoyance: I see many things.

Understanding: I understand your pain (and if you let me I’ll tell you just how to fix it).

Sickness usually in the ear and neck: Don’t you mean the pancreas and the intestines? Not to mention the joints and muscles.

Good imagination: Sometimes I imagine that I am young, beautiful, and rich. That’s good.

Weak breathing: only on days when I have asthma or allergies.

Loves literature and the arts: Well, I do belong to 3 book clubs and have accepted the challenge to read 50 books in 2008.

Loves traveling: Actually, no. I don’t mind being someplace else as long as I don’t have to travel to get there.

Dislike being at home: Home is my favorite place.

Restless: Only when I’m trying to sleep.

Not having many children: I guess one doesn’t make a “many” does it?

Hardworking: As long as it doesn’t make me sweat.

High spirited: No, I’m kinda short.

Spendthrift: You must have money before you can spend.


3 Responses to “A May-born Child”

  1. Christine said

    i love this post.funny…funny. Now I am going to look up all my children…Ha!…and my poor January husband!

  2. Zazzy said

    Eve – 50 books is not really a challenge. I bet we both read 2-3 times that!

    Fun list. You are adorable with a beautiful brain.

  3. adamswife said

    The challenge is in keeping track of what I read. It may tax my beautiful brain.

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