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Sunday, Again

Posted by adamswife on December 16, 2007



It’s Sunday again, and I’m home alone with my constant complaint. I’m hoping things settle down enough that I can go visit Ed later.

I had supper with my new friend, Bonita, Friday night at Perkin’s. It was a very nice evening out, and the food was excellent. I had a grilled chicken breast sandwich with mushrooms and Swiss cheese. And, of course, some French fries. Yum! A departure from my usual cheese and toast. I hope that’s not what set off the complaint. Seems like a huge payment for an evening out.

We have some sunshine today, but it’s filtered through some fluffy clouds. Looks rather pretty with the snow. Just so I don’t have to spend too much time out in it. lol

Tomorrow is the big Christmas party with Ed at the home. I’ve got a nice ham to bake and potato shreds, sour cream, cream of chicken soup, and cheese for the potatoes au gratin. Now I have to get all the presents wrapped and dig out the small tree to decorate the table. I got Ed some new pajamas and a couple warm shirts. He (and most of the other residents) is very cold this winter. They don’t seem to generate much heat for themselves anymore. I’ve also got gifts to wrap for the kids and grandkids. They’ll be leaving Friday for their winter playground Christmas, so we’re opening all the gifts tomorrow.

I rather hate the idea of being alone at Christmas, but it doesn’t make me sad. Does that make sense? Christmas has always meant family to me – as a kid we had so much extended family and we all got together at Grandma’s for Christmas Eve. I miss those celebrations. But I will spend some time with Ed, talk to my sister, my brother, and my favorite cousin on the phone, and watch Christmas programming on the tv or read a good book. I won’t be lonely, just alone. I’ve got a small turkey I’m going to cook and make some mashed taters and gravy to go with it. I’ll probably make some rolls, too. I love left-over turkey sandwiches made on home-made rolls.


5 Responses to “Sunday, Again”

  1. What a lovely ornament! In reading of your holiday plans, it’s the last paragraph “resonates” with me. This will be my first Christmas ever with no family around, and although friends and neighbors have invited me to join their family celebrations, I’m choosing to spend most of it on my own. The last few years it’s just been my sister, her husband & two kids, and me … with a few friends who gather to celebrate. This is in contrast to the days when our houses were filled with family celebrating together in groups as large as 35 or 40 people. Many have died in the past years, some moved away, and divorce created additional changes. This year my sister and her husband will celebrate in their RV by themselves in Atlanta, Georgia while their sons spend the holidays with friends. I’ll be on my own in Southern California for most of the holiday … though I’ll have Christmas dinner at a friend’s house … and like you I’m okay with being alone. It’s how I live and, for the most part, I’m happy with life as it is. Being in large noisy groups these days wears me out. I finally understand why my mom preferred to spend the holidays on her own quietly during the last few years of her life after dad died. Sounds like you’ve got a plan … and that should help.
    Hugs and blessings,

  2. Sounds like you have a nice and cozy plan for Christmas with a lovely meal. I hope the Christmas party goes well and the company of loved ones make their way to you somehow…

  3. Zazzy said

    I’ve only spent two Christmases away from family. The first I volunteered to cook at the soup kitchen and had a busy day which was pretty fun. Man my feet hurt at the end of the day. The second I was in the hospital and my friends went way out of their way to make it as special as possible. Still, I missed the traditions of home (even if our main tradition is chaos).

    I’m sorry your tummy is upset again. I hope your celebrations with Ed and your family are all you hope for.


  4. For me this year… I wish Christmas would never end. I wish that it could go on forever. As soon as Christmas is over (possibly as soon as Dec. 27) my husband is going in for his stem cell transplant…the final treatment in a 9 month process to put his multiple myloma into remission we hope. It is also the most scary. It would be nice sometimes if we could just freeze time. Christmas will bitter sweet and over too fast.

  5. adamswife said

    I’m sorry to hear of your husband’s ordeal. I realize that it’s also your ordeal. Freezing time is a very tempting concept. I hope everything goes well for you. Have a very Merry Christmas. Sometimes the bitter enhances the sweet and makes it more enjoyable.

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