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Christmas Stress

Posted by adamswife on December 11, 2007


At the rate I’m going this may be the only tree I put up this year.  I was making reasonable progress getting ready for the holiday, then my daughter got sick.  She has asthma and allergies very badly that she deals with daily.  Now she has a sinus infection and cough to go with it.  She took her children to the dentist yesterday and the office staff called me to come get her as she was in no shape to drive home.  This morning she had a doctor’s appointment and had to get 4 new prescriptions.  So, I drove her to the doctor, and went to the pharmacy, and came home, and made her lunch, and when the kids get home I will be on homework and chore patrol.  That sort of takes my time away from knitting and decorating and taking my regular nap each afternoon.  =(  It also cuts into my computer time so I may not be visiting my friends as often until after Christmas.  Have a happy!


4 Responses to “Christmas Stress”

  1. It’s a lovely tree topped with a beautiful star …
    so please take a minute to R E L A X and B R E A T H E 🙂
    I’m sorry your daughter is sick and that your day was hectic.
    Your friends & family will understand … trust me on this.
    This too shall pass … and there will be time enough to do
    what needs doing, so B R E A T H E and R E L A X …
    and maybe have a nice cup of tea.
    Hugs and blessings,

  2. So sorry to hear about your daughter. I hope for a speedy recovery and that everyone else steers clear of catching. There are is still 2 more weeks until Christmas…hopefully everything will turn out well in time 🙂

    Sending a virtual ((hug))

  3. Good thing you got all the shopping done. Hope everybody else stays healthy and that you daughter gets better soon. Grandkids are a lot of work. Whew! Mine can wear me out. LOL Try to get a nap in there somewhere.

  4. Jientje said

    I have no grandchildren but I can imagine they take a lot of energy!
    And it gets worse when they are ill, but I hope they’ll soon recover and that you can celebrate Christmas with a nice big tree!

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