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November 30

Posted by adamswife on November 30, 2007

avatar_29.png  Once upon a time a not-so-young princess set out to conquer a mountain.  The name of this mountain was NaBloPoMo.  It was tall, and dark, and unknown.  But the princess persevered and eventually reached the top of the mountain.  Along the way she met many natives and fellow-travelers.  They were friendly and helpful.  When the princess reached the top of the mountain she gave thanks for all her new friends and those who had helped her along the way. 


7 Responses to “November 30”

  1. Zazzy said

    It was a job very well done! And you just started blogging, too! Go Eve!

    I hope you had fun. It’s been fun hanging out with you.

  2. schnuckiputz said

    Eve,congratulations on finishing your NaBloPoMo
    month ! ! !

  3. “I can has NaBloPoMo?” cracks me up. 🙂

    Congrats on surviving the mountain!

  4. Hurray! Wasn’t that fun? Are you coming back next year?

  5. adamswife said

    I plan to do this again next year – “Good Lord willin’ and the creek don’t rise.”

  6. Congratulations on NaBloPoMo!!! Wasn’t that fun?
    Thanks also for visiting Sacred Ruminations. I hope you’ll visit Small Reflections also. Seems like I left a comment on your newer post, but I don’t see it … so perhaps I messed up. It wouldn’t be the first time 🙂

    I’ve only be Blogging since Octber 22nd so it’s all still new to me and strange things happen. I’m learning little by little. It’s nice to meet you.
    Hugs and blessings,

  7. adamswife said

    Storyteller: Thanks for stopping by. I have to approve all new commentors before they show up on the site. I’ve got you approved now so you shouldn’t have any problems posting in the future.

    Sarcastic Mom: That cracks me up too. It’s why I chose it for my NaBlo posts.

    Zazzy: Thanks for the kind words. If I hadn’t seen NaBlo on your blog I never would have found it. So I owe this past month to you. It was lots of fun and I’m still making new friends.

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