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November 29

Posted by adamswife on November 29, 2007

avatar_4.gif  Well, one more day.  I’ve spent most of today dozing off.  Seems like if I do anything one day the next day I can’t stay awake.  I’m sleeping well.  I guess I still need to build back my strength after all the challenges of this year.  I’m looking forward to 2008.  It should be better.

I received my teaching assignment for Relief Society for December 23.  We will be discussing the influence of good music in our lives.  I love music.  I know it is one thing that helps me deal with life’s challenges.  This week I have been listening to Light Classical and Sound of the Season.  My mood has improved greatly.  I’m still not getting much done, but at least I feel better about it.  :-p 

My grandson spent most of the day down here with me.  In fact he was down here playing when I woke up.  I’ve got more open floor space, so it’s more fun to run his trucks around my room.  And he can usually scam grandma for some bread and cheese.  He asked me if he could have some bread to go under his cheese.  He’s so cute!!                        



One Response to “November 29”

  1. Jientje said

    That’s cute, some bread to put under his cheese!
    Gosh!!!! I just saw it!! You’ve put me on your blogroll!!! Awesome!!! Thanks!! You’re on mine too you know, I haven’t forgotten the Thanksgiving blog post you put up for me!
    I’ll certainly keep in touch , you know,…. from my new blog! ( I’m so proud of it!)

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