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November 28

Posted by adamswife on November 28, 2007

avatar_12.gif  Winter has come to Southern Idaho.  We got snow yesterday with more predicted for today.  Not a lot of snow yet, but the week isn’t over.  I’m sitting here listening to Christmas Music and getting into the holiday spirit.  Somehow the music brings a bit of warmth to a very grey day.  I need to get my shower and get dressed.  I’ve been on the computer ever since I got up.  I’m going to be forced to go out for a bit today to see hubby and get some cheese.  It has become the mainstay of my diet lately.  I ran out two days ago, and I think I’m having withdrawal.  Is it possible to be a cheese junky?  My grandson hasn’t been down to get toast this morning.  His mom must have fed him something good for breakfast. ;-)   Only two NaBloPoMo posts to go.  It’s been an interesting month.  Have a great day!


4 Responses to “November 28”

  1. Jientje said

    Yes, I am longing for Christmas too now, I think I’ll start decorating a little soon.
    You’re a cheese addict as wel as an addicted blogger?? Well, well, nice to meet you, so am I! I work in a cheese shop too! Isn’t that great?
    I have started my brandnew blog in English it’s at:
    Looking forward to welcome you there!

  2. adamswife said

    Do you have a favorite cheese? I like smoked gouda and Swiss and provolone and some others, but mild cheddar remains my favorite. Not terribly adventurous of me. I like to make cheese balls at holiday time. I’ll have to post my 2 favorite recipes.

  3. Zazzy said

    Cheese! I miss the Better Cheddar in Kansas City. We’d go in Friday evenings and pick some never before tried cheese…. Mmmm.

    Hey Eve! You’ve almost finished NaBloPoMo – where’s today?

  4. schnuckiputz said

    Hello Eve,
    today I bought a piece of my favorite European cheese,Casata from Italy.I only buy
    it if is very fresh because I like the very mild
    buttery taste better than the aged one.
    Casata has less fat content than many other
    cheeses too.

    I also like German butter cheese,French
    Brie or Camembert,Dutch Edam or mild Gouda
    and a few other European ones.I think I may
    be allergic to the dye in yellow cheese and rarely
    eat it.

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