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Day 7

Posted by adamswife on November 7, 2007

NBPMo  Did I mention I have a hard time not overdoing some days?  Well, I think I overdid yesterday.  I have spent most of today dozing off in my chair.  I think I’m all rested up after that wild party for Ed’s birthday.  ;)  I haven’t even visited any other sites through the randomizer today.  I’m getting behind!!

  Tomorrow I’ve got to get checks in the mail to pay my monthly bills and go to the library to stock up on reading material.   Big day!  I’ll have to make sure I take it easy.  Can’t afford to spend every-other day sleeping. Blue Moon Goodnight


One Response to “Day 7”

  1. Eve, just read your comment on my site. Glad to see your visit. Hope you come back again. Also, just my little pitch to get the word out to as many people as I can – check out my favorite charity – Child’s Play ( You can read my thoughts on the charity in my latest blog post.

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