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On Houseplants and Neglect

Posted by adamswife on November 5, 2007

NBPMo  I have only a few houseplants.  Despite the basement environment, they do quite well as long as I remember to water them occasionally.  I haven’t been remembering very well lately.  This morning I decided to try to save my Christmas Cactus which has drooped clear to table top for a couple weeks now.  So I took it into the bathroom to let it sit in some water and soak up the rock hard soil for a few hours.  I wasn’t sure it would ever come out of it’s droop.  But when I took it down and looked at it closely I saw that it is budding up and ready to bloom.  In spite of my neglect it is about to produce beautiful red flowers. 

 I think somewhere in the tale of my Christmas Cactus there is a life’s lesson.  It’s not back to its normal strength yet, but the fronds are beginning to lift up off the table.  Just a small amount of TLC has made a difference. yougogirl.gif

4 Responses to “On Houseplants and Neglect”

  1. Zazzy said

    That would kind of be the story of my tomato plant. It drowned and died, came back, fried and died, came back, drowned and died… Not that it had tomatoes but still!

    Good luck on the Christmas cactus. Mom’s seems to be willing to come back from just about anything.

  2. schnuckiputz said

    Very nice photo,Eve.
    Your smile is contagious !

  3. schnuckiputz said

    Eve,the page jumped ( my computer does this on wordpress sometimes ),the above comment was supposed to be a response to the nice photo you posted.

  4. adamswife said

    My cactus seems to have made a full recovery. It is blooming beautifully.

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